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DJ Hints and Tips for Silent Disco

DJing at silent discos can be a quite daunting experience, Here are some DJ hints and tricks if you are DJing at the silent disco event in London & UK.<br><br>Know more:<br>https://thesilentdiscocompany.co.uk/10-silent-disco-dj-hints-tricks

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DJ Hints and Tips for Silent Disco

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  1. DJ Hints and Tips for Silent Disco

  2. DJing at silent disco can be a quite daunting experience, as these kind of events are relatively new. Whether you’re an experienced DJ, or just starting out, everyone could use some guidance when being the main performer on a night like these. We’ve formulated a list of useful tips that can help everyone at any Silent Disco DJing experience level get the best reactions from the crowd’s they’re performing to.

  3. Know how a silent disco works: A silent disco is an event where people wear headphones and listen to the music through them, as opposed to the traditional way of playing it through speakers. The music played by the DJ is broadcasted through to these headphones via a transmitter, allowing the people wearing the headphones to hear the music • Know what kind of event it is: SIlent disco parties are all different, so as a DJ, it’s important to know what kind of party you’re going to. • Keep things interesting: As a silent disco DJ, it’s important to keep the music interesting and fresh. It’s not a traditional night, so if someone isn’t interested in your music, they’ll simply change the channel to someone else’s, which isn’t great for morale. Make sure you’re playing new popular songs, and old classics that you know people can’t help but sing along to. 

  4. Read the crowd As a DJ, reading the crowd is probably one of the most important things you can do. Look at peoples faces whenever you change songs as this allows you to get a feel of what the crowd are into or not. • Identify your audience: Silent discos are hired for many different events, for many different audiences. In order to make it a successful and enjoyable night, you need to know who you’re DJing for. Your choice of music has to be tailored to the audience. If you’re performing for young children, the music you play has to be family friendly. If you’re performing for a group of young adults, you’ve got to make sure that you play current and trending music. Find more tips visit: DJ Hints and Tips for Silent Disco

  5. The Silent Disco Company info@thesilentdiscocompany.co.uk www.thesilentdiscocompany.co.uk

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