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Pet Sitting Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Pet Sitting Business

Pet Sitting Business

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Pet Sitting Business

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  1. WELCOME The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company Ltd(The Pet Sitting Franchise)16 Millers GateWest SussexRH12 4APTelephone: 01403 268282

  2. How to start a pet sitting business? What can be more profitable and satisfying then utilizing your time in a right way and in a right business? Opening a pet sitting business can be challenging but it can turn into a very lucrative one and also it needs no hard work at all. All you need is the love and concern for animals. You don’t need to end up your life time savings! Here are some tips on how to start a profitable pet sitting business: • Do the planning All businesses whether big or small need a thoughtfully-proposed business plan in order to make it successful. Some key points on planning are: • You need to analyze your area or market. You must get a rough idea of the number of people in your area that can possibly use a pet sitting service and number of pet sitting businesses that are already in offering services in your locality or nearby your location.

  3. Define the objectives of your pet sitting business. You need to determine what you are going to specialize in. If you are thinking to start the business alone, you must think about what and how you can really do. Also, you need to know the essential benefits of your pet sitting business and what desires or demands will it assure? • Construct an efficient mousetrap. In order to win the competitive race, out of the box services such as picking up pet on-call, animal charities, individual service, animal shelters that offer some cachet and other ideas that will make your service special should be planned. • Marketing is the building block of the business. Marketing campaigns can help you get a word out, attract people to indulge with your service, call you. Advertising and promoting your services effectively is a key to taking your business to a zenith. Also indulge in sales. Sales bring your business in the access. • You must describe the flow of your pet sitting business. Workflow includes how you are you going to pack your day with your pet sitting business, and how are you going to handle the unavoidable emergency jobs. How are you going to hire, what will be the working areas for the new employees.

  4. Get a website for your business! Nowadays, people like ready and easy services and internet is the medium they choose to look for goods and services they require. Building a website will definitely help you increase the possibilities of success of your pet sitting business. However, owning a website is just not sufficient, you need to add some attractive graphics to project your business and tell people why to choose you. In addition to all this, making your website search engine optimized is also important. Open your doors for pet sitting business. Once you are all equipped with the facilities and ready to make a start, begin taking clients and charge a nominal fee. Also, you should always record your clients. The first time get together with your clients, inquire about their medium of coming across your pet sitting business. When the task is done, always ask for customer’s feedback, good things about your services, and what would make your services better. Good luck and may your business blossom!

  5. THANK YOU The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company Ltd(The Pet Sitting Franchise)16 Millers GateWest SussexRH12 4APTelephone: 01403 268282