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Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing. Roman Capital Ventures Inc.

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Real Estate Investing

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  1. Real Estate Investing

  2. Roman Capital Ventures Inc. Roman Capital Ventures Inc. is a full turn-key real estate investing company. We bring a unique service offering to the table for people looking to invest in the Canadian Real Estate market. People who wish to tap into the massive wealth creation potential that Real Estate Investing can provide without having to do ANY of the legwork or having ANY of the headaches that traditional landlords need to deal with.

  3. My Background • Held several Vice-President positions within the high-tech and energy industries. • Have been Real Estate investing for over 10 years. • Current Real Estate portfolio includes • Condominiums • Townhouses • Single and Multi-family residential properties • Commercial Office towers. • Located in Ontario and Alberta. • Educational background • Professional Engineer – Electrical Engineering, University of Western Ontario • Masters of Business Administration – York University • Bachelor of Arts – Economics, University of Western Ontario • Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

  4. Why Real Estate? • Land – “God is not creating any more of it” • Leverage • Less risk averse than stock market. • Returns built from 3 streams • Positive Monthly Cashflow • Principle recapture (i.e. mortgage pay down) • Capital appreciation

  5. Boom or Bust? • Much of media US based.. • Base your decisions on fact….. not emotion. • Look at housing affordability index.. • Look at income growth… • Look at population growth… • Look at infrastructure development… • Look at Business growth… • Etc • Soft renters market – Yes if you have a slum in a bad area • Canada in surplus for foreseeable future. • Other than Vancouver, Canada geared for significant growth over the next 10 to 15 years.

  6. Characteristics of a Good Deal • Detached Properties • High demand areas (location, location, location…) • Land (future expansion) • Parking • Multi-use • In an area that meets growth criteria • Housing affordability index. • Population Expansion • Income Growth higher than provincial average. • Infrastructure growth (highways, Go Train, etc) • Business Diversification • Government fostering business growth. • Main Goal • Positive Cash Flow a must !!!!! • Growth Area • Pay principle off as well!

  7. Sample Deal

  8. Financials

  9. Services Provided • Detailed research to determine which specific areas (i.e. neighborhoods, cities, regions) are poised for above average growth. Research will include but not be limited to: • Population growth rates. • Family income growth rates. • Housing Affordability index analysis. • Economic Development • Unemployment rates • Transit and infrastructure development • Transition areas • And much more…. • All due diligence • Exhaustive property searches. • Financial Analysis • Inspection • Tenant Vetting • Network of agents, lawyers, and mortgage brokers to close the deal. • Manage deal closure. • Deal with property management. • Provide financial reports on a monthly basis. • Other than writing initial cheque and signing some upfront paperwork you are completely hands off.

  10. Structure of the deal • We establish shareholder or joint venture agreement. • You pay down payment (typically 10%-20%) plus all closing costs. • I provide all the services and find all the deals. • We split operating profit 50%/50% • Cash disbursed on a quarterly basis. • We split any unexpected expenses 50%/50% • When property is sold: • You take out your upfront investment first. • What’s left we split 50%/50%

  11. Pros Benefit of dealing with experienced partner. Completely hands off. No searching listings and visiting properties. No financial analysis No dealing with property mgmt or tenants. Good way to enter market without contacts or experience. Share unexpected expenses. Cons Not as high a return as going alone But factor in.. You need to do ALL the work You need to find the deals You deal with property mgmt. Pros & Cons of JV

  12. Summary • Tremendous wealth creation potential with Real Estate • Roman Capital Ventures does all the work • Searching and evaluating properties. • Financial Analysis • Close the deal • Establish and monitor Property Management • You enjoy the return! • Roman Capital Ventures does not make money unless YOU make money!

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