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How to Choose Telephone Systems for Different Industries PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Choose Telephone Systems for Different Industries

How to Choose Telephone Systems for Different Industries

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How to Choose Telephone Systems for Different Industries

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  1. HowtoChoose Telephone Systems For Different Industries? By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  2. 02 Overview Are you confused which telephone system to choose from a list of available solutions? At NECALL Voice & Data, we know how taxing it is to decide which telephone system will suit you. And therefore, we are going to help you understand which one is the best suitable based on specific industries. Using industry specific telephone systems helps businesses save precious work hours, enable cost saving, help automating repetitive tasks, etc. But every industry can have different functions and priorities to serve. What works for one business might not work well with others. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  3. Tips to Choose Telephone System for Different Types of Industries By: NECALL Voice & Data | 03

  4. #1. Telephone for Hospitality and Hotels By: NECALL Voice & Data | 04

  5. 05 The hospitality industry has three collaborators, namely, an operator, an owner and a guest. And each of these three have different interests. Every owner needs to invest in a telephone system that will be efficient and reliable enough to carry out the operations even in busy hours. Also, they do care about cutting the costs and scalability when planning long term goals. The guests these days may or may not use hotel telephones for personal calls because of the availability of mobile phones. But in locations where the mobile networks are varying, or the guest wants to talk to the staff, the hotel telephone system is surely to be used. NEC as the operator makes sure that the solutions provided by it cover all aspects of concerns of the owner and the guest. Telephone systems which require no staff training are meant to increase return on investment. And with automated tasks, the staff can be free to attend customers at the desk. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  6. #2. Telephone for Healthcare Facilities and Doctors’ Offices By: NECALL Voice & Data | 06

  7. 07 Whether it is a small clinic or a whole hospital, NECALL offers telephone systems for both. NEC telephone system offers many features such as log staff in and out of call groups which can help deal with the rush of calls from patients for booking appointments. Customized recorded messages can be played to guide patients about the locations, or for leaving a message for prescription refill requests. This should decrease the number of calls a receptionist has to answer on a busy morning. Costs can further be reduced with emails and external message notifications instead of personal answering services during off hours. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  8. #3. Telephone for School and Colleges By: NECALL Voice & Data | 08

  9. 09 Educational institutes are upgrading their mode of teaching and are changing to digital. NECALL can help schools and colleges with VoIP, video and unified collaboration solutions. With the help of software applications, simple telephone systems can be used to send auto voice commands and end-of-period tones and much more. Classrooms are also transforming. Students can learn from teachers based in different geographical locations. A robust data network can guarantee clear communication without any interruptions. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  10. #4. Telephone for Solicitors, Legal Practices and Accountants By: NECALL Voice & Data | 10

  11. 11 Every second counts in a professional environment. Most tasks are performed over calls. And even a single call can make a big difference to the business. NECALL makes sure that the phone lines are up and running all the time. As with educational institutes, data communications play an important role in offices of these professionals. Large files get transferred day in and day out. NEC provides the right unified communication infrastructure for this. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  12. #5. Telephone for Retirement Villages, Independent Living & Aged Care Facilities By: NECALL Voice & Data | 12

  13. 13 As with hospitals, the staff at aged care facilities are usually preoccupied at attending to the elderly. What a good telephone system can do is reduce their load of mundane tasks of answering the calls for frequently asked questions. The answers to some questions can be pre-recorded and played when a caller wants that information. Easy-to-use handsets can save a lot of trouble too. Cabling can also be reduced to a minimum so as to avoid any safety issues. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  14. #6. Telephone for Local Government Offices By: NECALL Voice & Data | 14

  15. 15 Local government offices can be bustling with innumerable roles and responsibilities and the staff is already busy catering to them. NEC can provide these offices with SV9300 telephone system to simplify communications. This can lead to a connected experience for end users across different locations and multiple devices. These systems are also made safe and secure for the sensitive data being exchanged. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

  16. 16 Conclusion When the right business phone system model is delivered, the Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure can be reduced. In case you are a new business or an old one who needs to update their telephone system, get in touch with us with NECALL Voice & Data. By: NECALL Voice & Data |

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