voip phones are future of business phone systems n.
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VoIP Phones - The Future of Business Telephone Systems? PowerPoint Presentation
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VoIP Phones - The Future of Business Telephone Systems?

VoIP Phones - The Future of Business Telephone Systems?

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VoIP Phones - The Future of Business Telephone Systems?

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  1. VoIP Phones: Are Future of Business Phone Systems? By: NECALL Voice & Data

  2. Overview • Voice over IP also called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony. VoIP is the technology used to send & receive the phone calls over the Internet Protocol networks. • Nowadays technology is steadily rising and its changing the way of our living in a technological universe. • Same as telephone systems are also updating day by day and in next few years, maybe it will be completely changed than how it is now.

  3. Why Should You Change Your Telephone Systems? Few years ago, the life was completely different than the current one. There were no any technologies we are using such as mobiles, computers or any smart devices like we are using nowadays. No one knows the future. With the telephone systems, especially business telephones are becoming more and more dependent on internet and cloud rather than ISDN lines. So, to standup into the competitive world, you must have to run with the technologies.

  4. Tips for Choosing the Right Business Phone System There are different types of telephone systems available to choose from such as Key System Unit, VoIP, PBX, etc. But choosing the right business phone is very important. Below are some factors to consider before choosing: • Check the price. • It should be reliable and meet your business requirements. • Choose the secure telephone system if your business require maximum security. • It should be easy-to-use • Choose it wisely by thinking about future growth


  6. Key System Unit Or KSU: It is a multi-line business phone system that using a central control device. KSU is referred as hybrid telephone system and can be expanded as per business grows. • Pros: • Affordable for small businesses • Upgradeable as business grows • Less expensive than PBX • Cons: • Less flexible than VoIP • Sometimes becomes too costly for phone services • Hard to upgrade

  7. PBX Systems PBX Systems, also known as Private Branch Exchange Systems are best suitable for larger businesses. Normally, it is used for the businesses having 40 or more employees because PBX systems have capacity to handle large amount of activities. In large businesses, PBX systems are becoming more popular due to its range of features. • Cons: • More expensive than VoIP in the long run • More complicated • Costly to upgrade • Pros: • Capacity to handle medium- to-large business needs • More reliable • Not reliant on internet

  8. VoIPPhone Systems VoIP is the latest communication technology in businesses. It is a methodology to make voice calls using the internet connection rather than using traditional ISDN phone lines. This technology is used in personal-use software like Skype as it gives advanced communication features to offices. VoIP phones provide you reliable and advanced cloud-based telephone services at very affordable cost. It also helps to increase sales, productivity and call transparency. For more information about VoIP, you can visit us online at NECALL Voice & Data and read the details. You can also speak to our experienced consultants to find out more about our products. We are more than happy to give you free consultation.

  9. Advantages of VoIP Telephones There are many advantages of VoIP telephone systems. Here we have listed some of them: • More affordable than traditional phone systems. • Real-time collaboration. • It is reliable, safe and secure systems. • No distraction even with low bandwidth. • Very flexible and adaptive. • Can connect multiple offices. • Quick and easy to set up. • It grows with your business.

  10. Future of VoIP Technology VoIP is becoming more demanding nowadays. So, we suggest you get all your old systems replaced with the new telephone systems. In the future VoIP systems will become more demanding because of its many advanced features over traditional multi-line and PBX systems: • Giving you advanced reporting • Video conferencing • Click to call • Instant messaging and voice mail • Log-ins from any device • Integration with CRM and other software • Virtual phone lines for smartphones • Etc.

  11. Any questions? ContactNECALL Voice & Data : (08) 9455 3122 : (08) 9455 3101 : :