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Garage Door Installation & Repair PowerPoint Presentation
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Garage Door Installation & Repair

Garage Door Installation & Repair

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Garage Door Installation & Repair

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  1. Garage Door Installation & Repair

  2. Synopsis

  3. Garage Door Installation  How to Install Garage Doors  A garage door can be installed by either a professional or by the homeowner. It would be of course cheaper to do it yourself. You must be careful of the alignment and the installation if you are planning to install it by yourself. Further, the weight of the door is between 115 to 200 kgs. As a homeowner, you must be comfortable handling such heavy objects.  Installation Process  Step 1: Depending on the type of door, your door spring will be of two kinds- a torsion spring or an extension spring. Torsion springs are the new, modern spring and more stable than extension springs. You have to set the tension of the torsion spring using a tensioning system.  Step 2: If you are replacing an existing garage door, it’s advisable to remove all old hardware before new installation. Your new door may have an automatic opening sensor with photoelectric eyes. So, make sure you remove the old sensors to avoid any confusing signals for the door.  Step 3: After the you set up the door, replace the material of the door called stop material. This is right outside the place of the old door. It is recommended to replace it with a rubber material that is available at any store in Canada. Install this new rubber stop material for the garage door installation to be completed.

  4. Quality Garage Door Installations  Selection of the New Garage Door  The garage door installation procedure commences when the customer begins to shop for a new garage door, either in-store or online. In-store is helpful because an associate of the store can show the interested party the possibilities and assist them in selecting the door that would best suit their home. The specific needs of the customer would also be considered. Careful measurements of the door opening should be taken. An estimate for the entire project should also be clearly outlined, and the installation period agreed upon.  Site Survey and Professional Installation of the Garage Door  An Installation Services Coordinator will make arrangements for the survey of the site where the door should be installed at the most convenient time. During this period, an installer will come and verify the measurements of the garage. The installer is also tasked with checking whether the garage door entrance is parallel to the ground and square for proper shielding against moisture. Once this has been approved, a convenient date is selected for the installation of the garage door. When the time arrives, the installer removes the existing door. The installer then installs the new model, seals, and trims the door.  The Follow- up Inspection  Once the garage door has been installed, the installer meets with the customer to walk through all major elements of the installation. The installer also has a duty to explain to the customer the new entry system and the new opener.

  5. Thinking About Installing a Garage Door?  One Door to Rule Them All  The first thing that will need to be decided upon choosing to have a garage door installed is obviously what type of door to go with. There are a few different types of doors that depend on how the door opens. Whether the doors swing out, swing up, roll up, or slide to the side; choosing the style that best suits your home can depend on a number of things. What kind of space are you working with? Are you searching for a unique look?  Measure Twice, Install Once  During the survey, a professional will come to your home in Canada. Measurements of your garage will be taken along with miscellaneous other measurements such as exterior brickwork will be taken as well to ensure that install goes smoothly. While onsite they will discuss their recommendations for garage doors that will best fit the available space and walk you through options such as windows, springs, and insulation. Lastly, they will quote an installation price once options have been decided and schedule the actual installation!  Finally, it’s Door Time!  The actual installation will vary from job to job depending on style and type of install that was decided on but most typical professional installations can be completed within approximately five hours. They should also walk you through safety features, how the door opener works, and how to use the garage door remote. The last thing they should do is schedule you for a follow-up inspection which will double check that no gaps have formed, no leaks are occurring, and that all parts are properly aligned and working.

  6. Finding the Best Garage Door Specialists in Canada  Reliability of garage door functions.  The reliability of a garage door function is crucial for every customer, whether private or commercial. This is the largest moving part of the property. If the door wears down and becomes faulty, or doesn’t work at all, it impedes both safety and ease of operation for the persons who use the door most often.  Find low prices and deals.  It is possible to find sales and specials as a first-time customer or a returning customer requesting upgrades. Hire professionals who have gained a good reputation with honesty, dedication and thoroughness in their work, yet to still give the best prices and deals.  Ease and availability can make a huge difference in who is hired:  Check the company’s ability to provide emergency service as needed. Some companies will provide low rates, even free of charge, inspections and quotes for repairs needed. There are also warranties for parts and work done that are available. Make sure to purchase the very best.  Meeting rules and regulations for Canadian businesses:  When looking for a vendor to get work done, make sure that they follow the laws and regulations of Canada.

  7. Garage Door Repairs in Canada  Garage door repairs available:  Broken door springs  Repairs for garage door openers  Garage door cable replacement  Warranty choices offered  Knowledge in installation and repairs is essential:  Finding the company that has expert experience is key to good service. The garage door that is installed or repaired needs to be able to fit into any budget and needs to be supported by expert professionals to keep it into the best working shape possible. Experts in Quebec, Ontario, Ottawa, Kanata, and Nepean are some of the areas that are covered by qualified repairmen.

  8. Garage Door Troubleshooting  The garage door won’t open with the remote  In some cases this could be a simple fix just from replacing the battery in the garage remote. Another reason the remote doesn’t work could be that the garage system wasn’t programmed correctly. If the garage door light is blinking more than once after the remote button was clicked you should check the switch on the wall to make sure it was programmed correctly. Reprogram the garage door using the wall control system and then try to open the garage door again.  The garage door won’t open all the way  If the garage door won’t fully open there is a high possibility that the springs are broken. Most garage doors weigh anywhere from 150-250 lbs., and if the springs are broken the garage door opener won't work. Attempting to open a garage door with broken springs will only damage the garage door even more. Garage door springs typically have a life span of 3-5 years. Extension springs are said to have the longest life span of any garage spring at 7-12 years. The extension spring is what holds the track on the ceiling of the garage door which enables the garage doors to open and close remotely. If the problem can’t be fixed manually the best thing to do is to hire a garage repairman to replace the springs manually without damaging the garage door.

  9. Garage Door Troubleshooting  Garage door makes strange sounds  When the rollers that move to open and close the garage are worn out these awkward sounds take place. Professionals suggest spraying a type of lubrication on the tracks to keep the tracks from squeaking while others believe this is a sign that the tracks should be replaced. If the garage door makes a clapping sound that could be a sign that the garage door chain could be loose. In order to fix this issue one of the best things that can be done is to tighten all parts where the sounds are coming from. Tighten all the nuts and bolts on the garage door and spray lubricant on the rollers and the chain.  Pay attention to the signs  The condition of the garage door should be apparent by the way it is used and maintained. Most people merely use their garage to go in and out, therefore looking for the signs should be relatively easy. Pay attention to the sounds your garage door makes when opening and closing it. Check the springs for any kind of rust or wear and tear that might lead to the spring breaking. In the winter, the cold weather - especially in places like Canada - may cause the doors to not open properly. Be sure to adjust the garage sensors in this situation. And finally just use common sense and pay attention to anything that doesn’t seem to be working right. If you can fix it yourself without damaging the garage door or the wall system, that’s great, but if not be sure to get the help of a professional.

  10. When a Garage Door Opener Stops Working – Professional Help is Available 24/7  How to find the right company starts here:  When the garage door opener stops working, there are several problems that will surface. How can someone enter the door in an outage? How can the door be controlled when no remote is working? There are a bunch of answers and choices to make, and experts are out there to help during emergencies 24/7, no matter what the problem is.  Hiring the right company:  Make sure that the repair company that is hired will discuss these options before a decision is made regarding a repair only, or an upgrade to the system if it is desired. Also be certain that the repair company is licensed and has the correct permits, as well as having highly-trained employees. A fantastic site to go to is, where suggestions can be found to help decisions on the repairs, and what steps to take. Also check out Canadian business requirements at: business-activities/marketing-advertising-and-sales-regulations/

  11. Having Trouble with a Garage Door Opener?  Overhead fixture repair  Make sure that there is a test done to show that the equipment is working correctly before the repairman leaves  Motor running non-stop  It may be that the equipment is not receiving signals from the door opener, telling it to stop, possibly due to a misalignment of the sensors  Torsion spring repair  The torsion springs are what counterbalance the garage door. This is also one of the repairs that is often done within 24-hour time periods, and of course, the professional will verify that equipment is functioning as expected  Door remote and clicker repair  This is one of the most convenient parts of the garage door system. Being able to just click a button to make the garage door activate is a time- and energy- saving tool. Many people who have special needs may need that door opener to work 24/7 just to get in and out of the house.

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