essay petroleum a lpg filling station in nagpur n.
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Essay Petroleum a LPG filling station PowerPoint Presentation
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Essay Petroleum a LPG filling station

Essay Petroleum a LPG filling station

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Essay Petroleum a LPG filling station

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  1. Essay Petroleum A LPG Filling station in Nagpur

  2. Auto LPG • Auto LPG is the third highest usable fuel after Petrol and Diesel in the World. • Auto LPG fuel is an alternative promising energy fuel which is in favor of environment, especially to low exhaust emission and economical operation. • India rank third around globally in use of Auto gas, as it is safe and eco-friendly.

  3. Auto LPG –Green Energy

  4. Auto LPG • Auto LPG is the mixture of butane and propane and contain of high octane substance . • It is clean burning fuel as it consist of 60% Natural Gas and 40% from crude refining . • It release less CO2 which does not much effect to the environment compared to other fuel.

  5. How Auto LPG work in vehicles ? • Auto LPG is stored in tank; LPG is pressurized in pipe which turns to vapor. • This heated vapor is with mixed with dry fuel/air mixture in the mixing unit and the procedure start to run the vehicle . • The level of LPG is maintain with level gauge indicator which helps customer to refill their tank.

  6. “Convert to green fuel to save green environment.”

  7. Auto LPG Kit • Customer can convert their vehicles to Auto LPG as it can be used in any 4,3,2 wheelers vehicles with the proper installation of LPG Kit. • LPG Kit can be installed easily condensed, packaged, stored and utilized. • Let’s help to the Environment by switching to new technology .

  8. Autogas station in Nagpur • Nagpur is also called as Green city after Bangalore. • According to survey, India having around 1100 LPG Stations . • Chennai and Pune already in process of conversion , to run their vehicles on Auto LPG. • Let’s switch to Auto LPG and maintain our record.

  9. Autogas station in Nagpur • Many People are unaware about Auto LPG. • Conversion to Auto LPG is definitely going worth  for the customers, as it is save and easy to use. • LPG is measured by mass not by volume thus the prices is given terms of per kilogram and not by per liter. • Thus it save around 40% price on travel , which is direct to the petrol prices.

  10. Clean Green Environment • Auto LPG have number of benefits with its usage. • It does not create any bad effect on Human health. By considering to the environment and its support towards the nature, TranswellAutomall Private Limited presents Essay Petroleum an autogas station in Nagpur

  11. Location • TRANSWELL AUTOMALL PRIVATE LIMITED Presents Auto LPG station in Nagpur named with Essay Petroleum. • It is located at Wardhaman Nagar and nearer to zero miles with 6Km travel distance from it. • Essay Petroleum offers 24*7 service to the customer which is one of the best service providers in Nagpur.

  12. Thank you