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Ecommerce Website Development Company in India

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Ecommerce Website Development Company in India

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  1. These Trends Are Taking Ecommerce Website Design by Storm, Check Them Out! Ecommerce has swiftly metamorphosed the shopping experience. More and more businesses are now taking their shops online to expand the reach. Website designers and developers are now welcoming new design trends to beautify these ecommerce websites. Being a website design and development company, we often get to know about diverse business requirements that separates every website project from the other. Same goes with ecommerce website development. Every commerce has different line up of products and services, have unique selling point and the best ecommerce development company would imbibe those USPs to design an online commerce platform that would garner more customers. Here are assembled few design trends that have changed the generic design concepts. Let’s take a look -

  2. Engaging Images packed in 4 straight lines. Yes, boxes in every sizes and every shape are appealing for a website design. Be it the banner space on the home page, or the space reserved on every web page for the visual product introduction, differently sized boxes add bonus points to the function ability of the page. These boxes can be used to capture the images, call to action buttons and can be styled with different color strokes or creative image background with colored filters. Colors from the Pallet The best ecommerce website development companies have introduced the unabashed use of bold and pop up colors, taking a step ahead from the consistent web colors. The bright colors are used to create a vibrant brand identity that is able to achieve and attain more website visitors. Dynamic usage of colors in various tints and shades not only adds to the brand image but also adds to the website’s appearance.

  3. Graphic Illustrations as information guide The most interesting and engaging way to inform people visiting an ecommerce website is to add original and imaginative illustration design. It adds to the website design as well as successfully engages the customer, which further encourages them to initiate the process of purchase decision making. These illustration can also become a part of the online identity of that website. Scrolling with Swag Now scrolling is something that could not be stylized until now. The general scroll sometimes leaves the webpage at half assessed stage with half of the product image/details above the page and rest dives below the screen – making it irritating for the visitor to join the dots in the dark. This would lead the visitor to exit the scene even before taking a possible purchase decision. The website design companies are now adding section based scrolling that tends to attract attention and that presents one particular section of the page in every scroll. It not only proffers the easy website viewing but also boosts the engagement between the customer and the ecommerce website.

  4. Add video to the mix Videos is ‘the thing’ of the moment. Not just social media is swamped with vivid video feed but these are also becoming an integral part of the ecommerce website design. An animated or moving video is highly capable of grabbing the attention and is able to engage larger number of audience. A video demonstrating a latest gadget of showing off the newest colors of fashion is a good way to attract the visitors’ interest. Source:- http://www.sooperarticles.com/internet-articles/ecommerce-articles/these-trends- taking-ecommerce-website-design-storm-check-them-out-1613937.html

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