welcome to trushine window cleaning services of houston tx n.
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Clean Your Home Windows with PowerPoint Presentation
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Clean Your Home Windows with

Clean Your Home Windows with

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Clean Your Home Windows with

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  2. TRUSHINE WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES • Tru.Shine cleaning services enhances your home or company’s image, as well as your home’s by consistently providing superior service to every customer, each time. As a valued customer of Tru.Shine window cleaning services we promise you we will deliver the highest value in window cleaning service, as well as power washing service, and gutter cleaning service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our commitment to service excellence allows you to focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest. Our attention to detail will leave you smiling. • Trushine windows cleaning services is the firm which is providing the best windows cleaning services to our clients in around the Houston area for several years.Our firm has the best windows cleaning services and these services are used in car windows cleaning & for the commercial windows cleaning.

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  6. Residential Window Cleaning • Home window cleaning is made easy when you choose Tru.Shine Window Cleaning. All you have to do sit back, relax, and do what you love, while we do what we do well. • Here’s what to expect when you hire us. • We will remove all the screens. • We wash & rinse the screens upon request. • We then begin cleaning the outside of your windows using our strip washer and squeegee. • We scrape the paint, and bug droppings outside of the windows. • Next we towel dry the edges on the windows. • We wipe and clean the sills at no extra cost. • Then we put on our shoe covers and begin work inside. • We start the same process of washing and squeegeeing the windows. • We also wipe the sills inside the house. • To finish up we walk around the house, double check our the window cleaning for streaks, and make sure everything is back in place. • Rain Gaurantee.

  7. Window Cleaning Texas If you are a home owner, you know cleaning windows can be a pain. It is a very time consuming task, and usually involves climbing up a ladder. Even with all of the products on the market for cleaning your windows, nothing can take the place of a professional cleaning service.

  8. Contact Us- Business Name /Contact Person: Trushine window cleaning/Armankhalili Country/Region: USA Street Address: 10515 southwest fwy Ste E10, Houston, Texas City: Houston State: Texas Postal Code: 77074 Phone No: 8327133545 Email Address: Website-