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Why to Choose a Reflective Roof Coating for Your House

Roof coating in houses have become very prominent because of the amount of benefits it offers. White reflective roof coating is one of the most commonly used coating. This acts as a layer which reflects heat and sunlight from the roof and enables the building remain cool. There are a number of reflective roof coatings one could choose from. Its energy efficiency has made it a must have in every household.

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Why to Choose a Reflective Roof Coating for Your House

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  1. WhytoChooseaReflectiveRoof Coating forYour House?

  2. What WeDo Tucson Rubberized Coatings is on the cutting edge oftechnological advancement in the coating industry. From driveways to walls and rooftops, our products have you covered. Established in 1992, we have decades of research that has not only led us tocreate the best products of today, but is also providing the foresight in the formulation ofthe products for tomorrow.

  3. Aroof coating makes your house live longer. Choosing the best roof coating to resonate with yourhouse is essential. Tohelpyouchoosethebestroofcoatingforyour home, we have a few tips foryou:

  4. Determine your need: It is importantyou understand your reason toapply roof coating on your house. Expenditure: Consider your budget and browse forroof coatingsaccordingly. Consider material and color: Roof coatings come indifferent colors and materials. They have their own pros andcons. Like white reflective roof coating keeps your house coldand saves up your air conditionmoney.

  5. Whytochooseareflectiveroofcoating? A reflective roof coating is applied to reduce the absorption of sunlight and increase the reflection of sunlight by the structure. This is also known as cool roofing as it keeps the house cold and proves to be an energy-efficient option. In addition, reflective roof coating creates amore comfortable indoor environmentand increases the lifespan of the structure.

  6. Choosingamongdifferenttypesofreflectiveroof coatings Asphalt Roof Coating: These are emulsified asphalt and is basically a solution of asphaltin water. They are applied at approximately 1.5 gallon per 100 square feet and hence require very lessmaterial. Text placeholdSilicon Coating: It is produced by solvents and catalyst to a siliconbase. These are applied at approximately 2-3.5 gallon per 100 square foot. It also resists ponding water for longer periods oftime.er Acrylic Roof Coating: These are very durable and cost-effective. They are mostcommonly used as white reflective roof coating. They are applied at approximately 1gallon per 100 square foot. These also require a recoat within every 2-3years.

  7. Choosing the rightcolor One of the most important decision in this process is choosing the right color of the coat. It is because it makes a huge difference. White reflective roof coatings are most effectiveThey reflect 50-90% of heat and sunlight hitting yourroof.Ifyougoformoreattractivelookfor your roof with colored coatings you will compromise on the effectiveness and reflection percentage drops to 15-35%. Hence choose the color according to yourpreference.

  8. Choose Tucson RubberizedCoatings. Tucson Rubberized Coatings provide you with the best services at very affordable rates. They also provide you with a variety of products to choose from. With decades of research and experience Tucson Rubberized Coatingsstrives for formulation of products of tomorrow.

  9. Address: 5355E.2 th St, Tucson, AZ, USA Website: www.rubberized.com Phone number: 520-7 0-6600

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