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Online store in Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Online store in Australia

Online store in Australia

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Online store in Australia

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  1. Victoria’s Fetish Street Clothing

  2. If you walk down the streets today, you would find yourself in the midst of people clad in baggy jeans and denim skirt. This recent craze is what is known as street clothing. This is the new way of expressing individuality without having to look like the odd one out. • Street clothing can actually be anything that you are comfortable with. It is the youth's way of challenging the stiff norms that most people follow. This is the reason why you are bound to see some clothes that the older generation would not have dreamt of wearing - baggy jeans, low-rise, tight-fitting shirts, oversized jerseys. Alternative clothing can mean anything- from hip-hop or skateboarding to sports as well as military styles.

  3. But how did street clothing came into being? • Believe it or not, street wear or street clothing traces some of its roots from the beach, particularly the surfers. It was Shawn Stussy that first saw the potential of the concept and sold it to the public along with his surfboards. Some roots of street wear can also be traced back to skaters. Although it might seem to be just like any line of clothing, street clothing is more into self-expression, an idea that is strongly supported by the African-American hip-hoppers. • More surprisingly, Japan, located halfway around the globe, had a hand in making street clothing popular. Because of the fanaticism of the Japanese youth in all things American, entrepreneurs found a new market willing to take on newer and more creative and personalized designs.

  4. Being a form of alternative clothing, streets clothing transaction is sometimes done underground. However, successful ones usually, after a month or so, go main stream and peddle their wares at malls. Several stores and individuals dealing in street clothing can also be found off the internet. Some sites would even allow you to create your own design and then place an order. That way, there would no more be a need for you to go buy a shirt, think about a design and go to your local print shop. Everything can be done with just a click of your mouse.