6 reasons why you should use managed wordpress hosting n.
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6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Managed WordPress Hosting. PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Managed WordPress Hosting.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Managed WordPress Hosting.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Managed WordPress Hosting.

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  1. 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Managed WordPress Hosting. An Overview

  2. What is Managed WordPress Hosting? Managed WordPress Hosting is a type of Web Hosting that specialized on WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting takes care of the configuration, optimization, and security of your WordPress installation without limiting your freedom in the way that a SaaS platform might. For the vast majority of businesses and bloggers, managed hosting is the best option. Unmanaged WordPress hosting is the complete opposite. The most you’ll get is a one-click installation of WordPress, and everything else is up to you. Below are some of the Reasons why you need to divorce Unmanaged WordPress Hosting and get hooked to the Sweet Hot Blonde called Managed WordPress Hosting;

  3. Enhanced Security Because of its enormous popularity, WordPress sites are prey to every hacker who makes a living causing misery for webmasters. WordPress itself isn’t inherently insecure relative to other content management systems (although, everything is broken), but it is the number one target because millions of sites use WordPress. Managed hosting will take care of securing your server and your WordPress installation so that you don’t have to worry so much about security. Hosts scan your site periodically for malware and offer advanced security features that prevent hackers from accessing your site at all (these features vary among providers). In the event malware does weasel its way into your website, many hosts will remove it for no additional charge.

  4. Faster speeds Servers configured for WordPress, whether private or shared, really can make your website faster. Nearly all WordPress hosting providers use server configurations that speed up load times. Some boost speed even further with built-in caching, so you don’t have to fiddle with caching plugins.

  5. Comprehensive Support Unmanaged hosting accounts give you a spot on a server and some bandwidth. The hosting company will support you so far as that goes, but if you have WordPress specific problems, you’re going to have to figure out the solutions yourself. WordPress managed hosting providers provide WordPress support as part of the package. Customer support techs will know WordPress inside and out. You can ask those WordPress questions in addition to more general hosting-related questions.

  6. Automatic updates Most managed hosting providers test WordPress updates and implement them for you, so security updates become an afterthought.

  7. Optimization A successful website is a fast website, and throwing your WordPress installation onto a generic shared hosting account isn’t going to get you the best possible performance. Managed WordPress hosting providers have the expertise to make sure that WordPress performs at its best.

  8. Convenience In order for you to manage your website on unmanaged WordPress hosting, you could learn how to manage and optimize a Linux server. And you could put in the hours to understand exactly how WordPress works and monitor the WordPress security landscape for news of exploits, but is that how you want to spend your time? If you’d rather be writing content, designing your site, building a community, or running your business, then managed hosting is the convenient, efficient, and low friction option.

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