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How Do Retained Executive Search Firms Find Candidates - WalkWater Talent Advisors

Companies are hiring top retained executive search firms in India to help them find the right candidates for positions within their organization. So, what is the secret behind such search firms being able to find apt candidates?

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How Do Retained Executive Search Firms Find Candidates - WalkWater Talent Advisors

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  1. How Do Retained Executive Search Firms Find Candidates? - WalkWater Talent Advisors Finding executives to fill up upper level job positions is undoubtedly a challenging job. This is why many companies hire top retained executive search firms in Indiato execute the task. Why? Do they have some secret to hire the right candidates? Let’s find out! How do executive search firms find candidates? There are a number of efforts that executive search firms put in to find the right candidate for a job position. Some approaches include activating their peer network to learn the thought leaders in the space, identifying those who have been successful in similar companies, and researching social channel and internal databases. Unlike other recruiters, they don’t simply match the job description from a company to the resumes of job seekers. Instead, they pull out candidates from a large pool of both kinds – those who are seeking jobs, as well as those who are already employed and not looking for

  2. any job change. Those who are seeking jobs are obviously likely to approach the company for an interview, but executive search firms also put in efforts to bring in already employed candidates for an interview too. These executive search firms consider everything from equity to diversity and inclusion to build a team. How long does an executive search take? The process of hiring candidates generally takes around 90 days, but the timeline may differ, depending upon a variety of factors. Why it takes so many days is because there are a variety of steps taken by an executive search firm to be able to reach the final stage. For instance, the executive search firm will first get familiar with a complete understanding of the company, its culture, and its requirements about the candidate needed to fill a job position. They will then search from their large pool of candidates to find candidates who can fit into both the job position and the company culture; while also considering how their caliber will help in taking the organization forward towards success and achieving the goals. If the candidates found are unemployed, it will be easier to bring them in for an interview. But, if the candidates are already employed and satisfied with their current jobs, and not looking for a job change, it will take some time to compel them to come in for an interview. So, all of these efforts are certainly going to take a while; and calculating it on an average, it generally takes around 90 days; although much of the research is completed within a month, the next few rounds of interviewing and selection can take another month or two, to come up with the most suiting candidate.

  3. What kind of executive search firm should you hire? Now that you’re certain to hire an executive search firm for recruiting candidates for your organization, you also need to know what kind of search firm you should be hiring. Certain search firms specialize by industry or by position. You can check for the kind of candidate you are looking to hire, and accordingly choose a search firm. Also, there are two types of search firms – contingent and retained. A contingency firm is one that works on a contingency basis and gets paid once they hire someone. Retained firms, on the other hand, are those that are paid at the onset of search, irrespective of whether or not they find a hire. Now, you may wonder why one would want to hire a retained firm if there is no guarantee about a hire. That’s because retained searches come with a goal of finding the perfect fit for the organization, rather than just speeding up the process to find a candidate only to get paid. Thus, contingency firms are those who sell candidates at a speedy rate to get their fees, while retained firms are those who indeed look forward to find an ideal fit for the company because they have already got their fees, and thus only focus on their work. So, it’s up to you to make a choice. If you’re looking for a retained firm, WalkWater Talent Advisors are the top retained executive search firms in India, who have been serving a variety of industries like technology, industrial, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, retail, and many more to find the right candidates for their companies, since almost a decade. For more Information: https://www.walkwatertalent.com/

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