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Steps For Cremation Process In Florida

Only four steps used for the cremation process in Florida if you want to know more about these steps then watch our slides.

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Steps For Cremation Process In Florida

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  2. Preparation of body Preparation of the dead body is the first step of cremation. Preparation means required documentation, dressing of deceased and placed a dead body in the casket.

  3. Cremation process The cremation process performs in a cremation chamber. Firstly placed a casket in the chamber and cremation starts with high temperature range from 1800 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature helps to reduce the dead body dried bone fragments.

  4. After Cremation The cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber.

  5. Ashes The remaining bone fragments are called ashes. Ashes placed in a container like an urn and returned to the family. Ashes Urn

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