top 5 reasons why market for n.
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Top 5 reasons why market for led downlights is ever growing! PowerPoint Presentation
Top 5 reasons why market for led downlights is ever growing!

Top 5 reasons why market for led downlights is ever growing!

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  1. TOP 5 REASONS WHY MARKET FOR LED DOWNLIGHTS ARE EVERGROWING! As per Grand View Research, the indoor lighting segment in the U.S market was valued over USD 20.0 billion in 2016 and is growing ever since the forecast. The market for LED lights in the commercial segment which also includes LED downlights has grown significantly over the last few years. The growth can primarily be attributed to new installations instead of replacement in existing fixtures. LED downlights have been looked upon as a great alternative to traditional lights such as HID, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and CFLs. The fact remains to be that LED downights by users (including industrial, commercial or residential) have come to be known as luminaires that are quite energy-efficient. Of late, the usage of indoor lights including LED downlights in hospitals, schools and colleges, retail stores, malls, and offices has increased considerably. Before we get down to understanding the top reasons behind the huge success and popularity of LED downlights, let’s take a glance at these LED downlights. TOP 5 REASONS BEHIND THE HUGE POPULARITY OF LED DOWNLIGHTS 8 Being available in contemporary and sleek designs, LED downlights impart unique contour, style and grace to any living space, even when these lights are Off. 8 These LED downlights enable ‘task lighting’ and ‘reading’ and hence great for kitchens, bathrooms and study rooms. 8 LED downlights came to beat the widely used halogen lights because of the fact that halogen produced more heat than light and which lead to innumerable hazards in the past. 8 LEDs by contrast always stay cool and and in operation. 8 These LED downlights do not just provide you with task lights but also ambience, the one that’s cozy, warm and relaxing. And, if you want to use these in commercial and industrial workspaces, use the one with 5000K color temperature as that would mean having a neutral white - daywhite light and which is great for creating a productive atmosphere. 8 These LED downlights are clear-cut winners in terms of both quality and cost-effectiveness, longevity being just another one. By replacing traditional lights, these LED downlights bring huge savings in your utility bill month after month and year after year. They cut down your utility bills by straight 75%. .COM