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Elderly Care & Home Care in UK | Your Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Elderly Care & Home Care in UK | Your Care

Elderly Care & Home Care in UK | Your Care

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Elderly Care & Home Care in UK | Your Care

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  1. What is Your Care? Your Care is the new standard and future in personal care assistant, homecare & elderly care in UK. You should take the only step to a new life for you and your loved ones. Your Care has removed the need for an Agency and given choice and control back to you. Our online service and support is all you will ever need, for your care or care career, and it’s free of all fees and charges. Your Care does not have one language, background or colour so clients and carers are the ones to decide who is suitable for them. All ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds are welcome to join the Your Care community. What are the features of Your Care? Who can register on Your Care? Both clients and carers can register on the website and get benefitted. Your Care understands that and has designed a simple to use service to meet those needs and the benefits that come with that. Your Care believes clients can receive that care from someone who wanted to be their carer because they are finally getting the respect and pay they deserve.

  2. How can you join Your Care? As home care is changing, Your Care is also changing the way homecare is given and received with our truly fit for purpose solution, where both clients and carers matter. Just visit our website and you can register yourself. Register or Contact us for more details: Website: Facebook: Address: Your Care Partners Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ