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Milan Fashion Week :2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Milan Fashion Week :2015

Milan Fashion Week :2015

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Milan Fashion Week :2015

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  1. Milan  Fashion  Week:  2015       The   Milan   Fashion   Week   for   June   2015,   saw   an   inspiration   of   collections  that  represented  the  trueness  of  Spring  Summer  in  all  its   glory.  Menswear  in  this  Fashion  Week  saw  a  lot  of  solids  and  a  lot  of   digital  prints.     Menswear   took   a   whole   new   turn   with   eye-­‐catching   numbers   and   colors,   which   were   never   associated   with   Menswear   in   the   classic   definition  of  Fashion.  Pinks,  Yellows  and  Oranges  were  seen  in  excess   challenging  the  Blue  Grey  Black  Monotony.  They  seemed  to  do  some   great  justice  in  the  challenge.         This  article  would  help  you  pick  the  most  trending  styles  in  Menswear   and   tune   it   to   your   wardrobe   without   actually   bringing   in   the   craziness  of  the  runway  to  your  style.         #  Printed  Tanks:  

  2.   A  true  stealer  this  Milan  Fashion  week  were  these  Tanks  splashed   with  colors.  What  you  could  do  is  ,  that  you  could  pick  up  a  printed   Beach  Tank  and  pair  it  with  brown  or  navy  cargo  shorts  .  These  beach   tank  tops  would  keep  you  in  tune  with  the  latest  runway  styles  at  the   same  time  not  making  it  too  over  the  top.  Buy  Men’s  Tanks  Online  at:   Zobello     #  Scarf  it:  

  3.   The  Milan  Fashion  Week  saw  scarves  in  a  big  way.  A  lot  of  lightweight   textured  look  very  show  stealers.  Scarves  were  more  to  the  hues  to   ground  colors  and  dashes  of  blue.  Buy  Scarf  for  Men  Online  at:       #Blazers:  

  4.                                         Saint  Laurent  Blazers  retained  their  leanness  for  petite  figures  giving     them  a  loose  look  for  volume.  Blues  and  Creams  were  a  big  hit  at  the   fashion  week.  These  blazers  paired  with  Henley’s  could  make  you  the   star  of  any  place  that  you  go  to.  Buy  Men’s  Blazers  Online  at:  Zobello     #Summer  Shoes:  

  5.   Another  hot  trend  this  season  were  printed  shoes  sported  by  men.   These  shoes  can  make  up  for  a  Man’s  rather  plain  attire  and  add  that   sprinkle   of   coolness   to   a   boring   day.   One   can   go   in   for   Printed   Espadrilles   or   Loafers   depending   on   their   choice   and   comfort.   Buy   Men’s  Shoes  Online:  Zobello     These  Tips  would  help  you  get  the  best  of  the  runway  to  your  summer   wardrobe.  These  will  make  you  a  charmer  and  trust  us  that  you  will   swoon  many  ladies  off  their  feet  with  these  tweaks  to  your  wardrobe.     For  more  such  inspiration  check  out  our  blog  by  just  clicking  on  the   following  link:   Thanks  For  Visiting  Here:  -­‐