best iphone xr battery case by zohmo n.
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Best iPhone XR Battery Case By Zohmo PowerPoint Presentation
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Best iPhone XR Battery Case By Zohmo

Best iPhone XR Battery Case By Zohmo

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Best iPhone XR Battery Case By Zohmo

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  1. Best iPhone XR Battery Case By Zohmo Startup Zohmo, the maker of high-quality iPhone battery charging cases, is pleased to announce there is now a case for the iPhone XR, Apple’s newest incarnation of its iPhone brand. This is the twelfth version of the iPhone to reach the market. Technology in the iPhone continues to grow rapidly, with better and better apps, iOS updates and features are constantly and consistently available. This newest Apple flagship phone does feature more talk and Internet time than any of its predecessors, but Apple users always want something more out of their technology, and extended battery life is at the top of the list. “The new battery for the iPhone XR is 2,942 mAh. This is bigger than many of the previous iPhone batteries and does provide for a significant amount of talk and Internet time. Reviews, however, do not take into account other uses for the iPhone XR, such as video, apps, games and the like,” said Hector Rivas, owner of Zohmo. The Zohmo's Thinnest iPhone XR battery charging case offers an impressive 4,000 mAh of charge. This means the iPhone XR will have more than enough run time for the day. The time available translates into impressive numbers for anyone looking for a battery case for their iPhone. Users can expect:

  2. Talk — 27 extra hours Browse — 16 extra hours Watch — 17 extra hours Listen — 71 extra hours     In addition to the added use time, the iPhone XR charging case is made from high-quality polycarbonate. This is added protection from accidental drops and bumps, making the charging case an investment in insurance in addition to the extended battery life. The case is also sleek and thin, meaning the battery case will not jut out of a pocket or take up unnecessary room in a purse. “Our battery case also uses the same charging cable as the standard iPhone XR. When an iPhone user goes to charge their iPhone, the battery case will charge as well. Go to bed at night, and wake up the next morning with a fully charged iPhone XR and a battery case,” continued Rivas. Zohmo’s battery case retails for less than $50.00. Apple’s proprietary battery case retails for $129.00 with half of the mAh capacity of the Zohmo model. Source Link: