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Grille it, the right way! PowerPoint Presentation
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Grille it, the right way!

Grille it, the right way!

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Grille it, the right way!

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  1. 23 Browning Avenue, Clayton South, VIC 316903 9562 4744 Grille it, the right way! Faux Pas people make when it comes to window grilles A window without a grille nearly looks incomplete. Apart from that it also affects the safety of your home. There’s a lot more to grilles than just bars. One would think that when moving to a new place all you’ve got to do is head to a shop and purchase a grille whose design catches your eye. But that isn’t all. From the construction materials, to the design, thickness, bars, installation, colour, and cost – there’s a whole science to mounting a window grille. So what are some of the commonly made mistakes that people make when it comes to window grilles? The Make: The window grilles tend to differ depending on the construction material. They are available in several options. Be alert and aware of the pros and cons of the construction material. The main point is that the safety of your premises shouldn’t be compromised on. Sub-standard quality grilles will hinder this. Also you need to keep in mind that the walls will exert pressure so consult a professional to know exactly how much pressure will be exerted. Premium quality grilles will be sturdy enough to withstand pressure and not curve in the bargain.

  2. The Design: Very often people choose grilles based on their design and the way the bars are placed. While it is all very well to choose a grille that is aesthetically pleasing and ups the class of your home, it shouldn’t interfere with the safety factor. Avoid buying window grilles that have the bars placed in a flimsy way. This makes it easy for burglars to break in. Bar-Spacing: Various people have preference on the distance at which they like the bars to be placed in the window grille. When placed too close it hinders the view and if placed too far it hampers security. Ensure that the spaces are less so that people or pets cannot make their way through the window grille. Thickness: The grilles that you choose should complement the size of the window. This is important so that it doesn’t ruin the look of the room. Before you head off to the shop, measure your windows so that you are aware of the dimensions and choose the grille that matches your requirement. DIY: Attempting to install the window grille by yourself sure can be a hazardous decision in the long run. This is even true if you’re trying to fix something that is wrong with the grille. While it may seem easy, it requires a professional with the necessary expertise and an eye for detail. Poorly Trained Professionals: If installing security window grillesyourself wasn’t bad enough, getting the job done by incompetent people is just as bad. One again you stand the chance of making your home unsafe to live in or it can also result in an accident. Colour-Clashing: Just as in the case of choosing upholstery colour, you need to consider what colour grille you are opting for. Take into consideration the colour tones of the said room and the furniture within it. After all you wouldn’t want to purchase the security grilles only to find out they clash terribly with the rest of the room.

  3. Installation Cost: It is always great to clarify any additional costs post the purchase of the security grilles. Quite often people forget to ask about the details on costing. If the installation cost is inclusive or much less than the usual, find out why. It shouldn’t turn out that you get a bad job done. Rushing into the Things: The thumb rule is, while making any conclusion with respect to security window grilles, stay calm and take your time to survey your options. Take everything into consideration and only then make a decision. After all, you’re going to be seeing the grilles on a daily basis and they should be something you are proud of. Stay Clear of Fakes: It may seem smart to opt for fake grilles instead of the original but then it is like opting for fake security when you have a chance at real safety. Make an informed decision and do not, for a few less bucks, compromise on your home’s security. Now that you’re more aware of commonly made mistakes, you can go on to choose window grilles that will offer you the best security as well as suit your home in the best way possible. About the Author: Nicholas and George heads AAA Security Doors. Their hands are the safest to place you’re your home in when mounting security window grilles. If there’s a need for window security bars in Melbourne, they’re really your best bet.