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Win with Honeywell: Enterprise Mobility Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Win with Honeywell: Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Win with Honeywell: Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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Win with Honeywell: Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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  1. Greg Payne Sr. Manager Mobility Systems Win with Honeywell:Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  2. HSM Enterprise Mobility Solution Agenda • HSM Enterprise Mobility Overview • HSM Mobility Portfolio and Roadmap • Anatomy of a Mobility Win(s)

  3. HSM Enterprise Mobility Initiative HSM defines Enterprise Mobility as businesses and their mobile workforce who utilize automated data collection solutions to better serve their customers when and where business is conducted. These solutions combine hardware, software, and professional services to meet the needs of the worker and customer while delivering measurable value.

  4. Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Economic Sectors Served HSM Revenue by Economic Sector Other Government Mfg Retail In-store Healthcare Transportation & Distribution Inventory / POS Parcel Delivery Bedside Medication Verification Work-in-process tracking Vehicle check point HSM’s primary economic sectors are Retail, HC and T&L; Opportunities exist to leverage each others’ strengths

  5. Enterprise Mobility Adoption Factors • Broader network coverage – Wireless Everywhere • Pervasive computing realized • Faster network speed • Real Time Data = business value drivers • 1MB throughput threshold achieved • Affordable data plans – competition & “Carrier Freedom” • “Smartphone” effect • Multimedia technology converged into one device • Explosion of mobile applications • Rapid consumer & business adoption • Need for competitive advantage • Provide better customer service, improve asset utilization, increase revenues, lower operating costs

  6. YOY Market Share Increase HSM Enterprise Mobility Growth Honeywell Mobility Revenue HSM Mobility HSM Mobility Revenue Hardware sales less FedEx business Assumes 15% growth Key Drivers for Growth

  7. Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Objectives Build brand equity as a leader in AIDC Solutions Grow connected install base to 100%; develop unique features that remain exclusive to Honeywell Provide software and services throughout our products’ useful life to maximize touch points and customer intimacy Build out our enterprise mobility portfolio in order to address targeted end user requirements by delivering solutions that provide value and differentiation relative to the next best alternative Speed time-to-market and “blanket” target spaces through mutually-lucrative partnerships

  8. HSM Mobility Portfolio and Roadmap

  9. HSM Mobility Portfolio – 2010 Current HSM Benefits 9700 9900 Series • Purpose Built Solutions • Enhanced Screen Optics • Shift Plus Battery Life • Ergonomic and Durable • Adaptus Imaging Technology • Multi Media Image Processing • Software Assets – ReM& SDKs 7600 7850 6500 6100 Price OptimusPDA 2010 EOL OptimusR • Dolphin 7900 • Dolphin 7850 • Dolphin 7600 Gen I • 56xx OptimusR • 57xx OptimusPDA • TT85xx/88xx • IK85xx OptimusS Scanpal2 Comprehensive mobility portfolio…but where are the gaps? Performance

  10. HSM Mobility Portfolio: 2011* 99EX 97EX 9900 Series 9700 7600 6500 Series EDA2 6100 Series Price Mobility Areas of Focus • EDA Portfolio – several devices each with different target segments; each with different price / technology trade-off point • 99EX release – worldwide release of all configurations • 6x00 OS Refresh & additional options • 97EX – refresh high-end PDA architecture OptimusS EDA3 Scanpal2 EDA1 Performance *Subject to Change

  11. 2012 2011 Q1 Q3 Q2 Q4 HSM Mobility Systems Roadmap 2011 (subject to change) Dolphin 99EX / UPS DiadV 802.11abgn, GSM/GPRS 3.75G voice/data, GSM/CDMA SDR, BT, GPS, G6 imager, WM 6.5/WEH, Healthcare Dolphin 97EX 802.11abgn, 3.5 GSM/CDMA data, BT, AGPS, G6 imager, WM 6.5, Healthcare Dolphin99EXni UL Class I Div II & Atex Zone 2 Dolphin 9700 MSR Module Dolphin 6500 Win Mobile 6.5, laser EDA3 3.2” WVGA, CDMA2000, GSM/GPRS 3.75G voice/data, GPS, G6 EDA1 2.8”, WWAN (EDGE), 802.11bg, laser Dolphin 6500 Pistol Grip Sled Dolphin 6100 Win Mobile 6.5, laser Dolphin 9900 RFID HF, LF EDA2 3.5”, CDMA, GSM/GPRS 3.75G, GSM/CDMA SDR, 802.11 bgn, GPS, G6 Dolphin 6500 RFID UHF Committed to investment in mobility to enable our partners to support end user needs and grow their business

  12. Dolphin 99EX Core Diffentiators • Adaptus 6.0 Optimized bar code imager – delivers industry leading 1D and 2D scanning with with optional color image capture capabilities • Software Defined Radio enables global access real time data and the ability to switch network carriers (GSM-GPRS to CDMA) in the field providing significant cost savings when provisioning and deploying devices • Best display in industry - Brightest, Best Resolution, Sunlight Readable, Most Power Efficient • Optimized combination of design ergonomics and durability improves worker productivity & satisfaction, enables value add services, and reduces operating costs • Best acoustics – louder, clearer, truck usable • Integrated sensor technology – accelerometer, light & proximity sensors drive ease of use and enhanced performance • Advanced Mobile Power System delivers twice the power voltage, ensures full shift operation, reduces battery replacement costs

  13. HSM Mobility Solutions EDA Portfolio* Technology Summary Software Environment Use Case (s) Description EDA1 EDA2 EDA3 *Subject to change Complete EDA portfolio targeting broad application requirements

  14. HSM Mobile Payment Roadmap Mobile POS • Improve Service, Productivity & Sales • Mobile check-out on the spot – dynamic ‘register lanes’ reduce wait times and improve customer service & sales • Remotely process loyalty card or store credit card applications – ability to quickly read driver’s license data via MSR or imager increases membership and customer retention levels • Process or purchase gift cards remotely increases sales and customer satisfaction • Honeywell Mobile Payment Solutions • Mobile MSR module (Dolphin 9700) – three track system support reading credit cards, drivers licenses, loyalty cards and gift cards • Mobile MSR module (Dolphin 6x00) – under evaluation • Full mobile payment point of sale module (Dolphin 9700/6x00) – system supports processing credit & debit and reads chip & pin technology – PED/PCI compliant - roadmap Committed to supporting our retail and hospitality mobile point-of sale customers requirements

  15. Mobility Systems Roadmap: RFID Honeywell activity… What we heard… • RFID Handhelds • Integrated prototypes developed • for Dolphin®9900 • Investigating custom integrated 6500 • design • Inventory Control is a key driver • Eliminating Inventory Frozen File • Automating inventory counts / Reducing labor • Reducing Back-Stocks • Locating merchandise for customers (size, etc.) • EAS Integration • Honeywell currently offers EAS integration • with select models of our scanners • Integration of barcode, EAS, and RFID • based on customer demand • Loss Prevention / Shrink • Patron Theft • Employee Theft • Macy’s addressed shrink via RFID portals and • security cameras at employee/patron egresses • RFID “Hang-Tag” • Combines dynamic pricing • adjustment with RFID • Automate store-level tagging • Partner is utilizing Honeywell IP • Item Tagging • Store-level tagging used in pilot is costly & • time-consuming • Source tagging is direction; Start with Macy’s • ready-to-wear since much of it is private label • POS Integration • Stand-beside RFID inventory system used in pilot • Long-term goal is integration with scanner/POS • Scanner Integration • HSM is a leader in AIDC scanning/imaging • Work with Macy’s to integrate • RFID for committed business opportunity Honeywell is committed to integrating technologies demonstrating clear ROI to our end customers

  16. HSM Mobility “Anatomy of a Win(s)”

  17. Anatomy of a Win: UPS How Did We Win? • Customer Application: • Logistics - parcel delivery, pickup + proof of delivery • Key Customer Requirements: • Uninterrupted real time data management • Efficient and intuitive decoding • Reliable platform <4% annual return rates • Full shift operation in always connected state • Standard solution vs. custom design • What Set Honeywell Apart: • Software definable radio offered “carrier freedom” and ability to dynamically switch network carriers • HSM next gen imaging technology delivers improved motion tolerance and time to read • Developed unique housing design and durable chassis to endure rigors of harsh environments • Combination of high capacity battery and on-board power management supports extended use cases • DiadV = 95% general market design, only cap, keypad and color differences • Customer Profile: • Service over 215 countries • Deliver 3.8B parcels year • Visit 7.9M customers a day • Delivery Fleet 95K+ vehicles • Win Summary: • 2011-2017: over 100k DiadV devices will be deployed globally • Top Competitors: • Motorola MC9500 • Honeywell Model Selected: • Dolphin 99EX

  18. Anatomy of a Win: Exapaq • Win Summary: • 2011: 2.400 99EX-terminals will be deployed in France • Top Competitors: • Dolphin 9700 • Moto MC9500 & MC75 • Mobile Compia MM3 How Did We Win? • Customer Application: • Logistics - parcel delivery, pickup + proof of delivery • Key Customer Requirements: • Customized keypad • Up-to-date technology (incl. 3G) – future proof investment • Answering customer’s budget requirements of €1.500 (incl. terminal, net base, mobile base, SMS 4 years, some peripherals) • What Set Honeywell Apart: • Adaptus Gen 5 imaging technology passed internal testing on performance and usability even more safe with Gen 6  • Strong commitment and commercial relationship of the French and European sales/marketing/PSO-teams: expressed confidence by customer and respect of commitments • 99EX was the right answers on their objections against the 9700 on ergonomics (keypad size) and connector weakness • Our partner Nomadvance proposed impressive added value with deliveries, staging, service, SW-loading and maintenance after repair (testing and remastering) • ILS stood on board as their SW-developer • Customer Profile: • Exapaq = DPD France, part of GeoPost: 2nd EU-group • Deliver 200K parcels/day • Delivery Fleet 2K+ vehicles • Honeywell Model Selected: • Dolphin 99EX

  19. Anatomy of a Win: Dohle How Did We Win? • Customer Application: • Retail – In-store inventory, item look-up and customer assistance • Key Customer Requirements: • Fast and accurate scan performance to read barcodes of various shapes/sizes in the store • Ability to seamlessly integrate Storeweaver software suite • Lightweight form factor and ergonomics • Full shift operation with wireless data transfer • What Set Honeywell Apart: • Superior ergonomics, form factor and standard resolution screen preferred by store employees in field pilots • Combination of high capacity battery and on-board power management provided superior battery performance • Quick turn-around of custom SKU with HD engine, LED aimer exceeded scan performance expectations of multiple code types • Long-standing relationship and support directly with end-user; direct Storeweaver relationship to drive software certification • Customer Profile: • Large grocery and general merchandise retailer with ~200 stores in Germany • Win Summary: • 2010-2012: 1500 units & accessories deployed nationwide • Top Competitors: • Intermec CK3 • Motorola MC3190 • H+W Skeye.Enterprise • Honeywell Model Selected: • Dolphin 6500

  20. Anatomy of a Win: GrupoModelo How Did We Win? • Customer Application: • Direct Store Delivery & Route Sales • Key Customer Requirements: • 5+ year product lifecycle • Reliable operation <3% annual return rates • Multi-functional capabilities • Real time data & tracking • 10 hrs + operation • Intuitive operation / improve worker efficiency • What Set Honeywell Apart: • Customer for life sales and service approach • Proven track record of previous solution – 6+ years! • Superior field performance vs Next Best Alternatives • Best combination of Ergonomics, Performance, & Durability • Customized product and application development service offerings to meet customer needs • HSM & 9700 delivered best ROI model • Customer Profile: • #1 beer company in Mexico • 37.3 Million Hectoliters delivered domestically 2009 • 4800+ delivery vehicles • Serve over 500k customers • Win Summary: • 2010-2011: over 5500 Dolphin 9700 devices will be deployed in Mexico • Top Competitors: • Motorola MC9500, MC75A • Intermec CN4 • Psion Ikon

  21. Anatomy of a Win: Washington Regional How Did We Win? • Customer Application: • Bar coded Medication Verification at the Point of Care • Key Customer Requirements: • Rugged, durable device to withstand hospital environment • Ease of use, nurses focused on patient care, not technology • Scan ability, including all pharmaceuticals • Simplified device management • What Set Honeywell Apart: • Superior design with larger and brighter screen, easier to use keyboard, enhanced wireless connection and better ergonomics • In the words of the customer, “the 9700 scanned better, faster and easier. In all testing, no one had to shoot any bar code twice or do anything special trying to get a med to scan”. • 9700hc deemed a more rugged device with healthcare plastics, more durable feel per the nurses and better performance from stylus, tether and battery • Customer was previous user of Dolphin 7900 and was one day away from selecting MC55 prior to introduction of 9700 • Customer Profile: • 366 bed Hospital • Heart Institute • Women‘s Care Center • More than 800 staff nurses • Win Summary: • 2010: over 200 Dolphin 9700hc mobile computers deployed to nursing stations • Top Competitors: • Motorola MC55 • Honeywell Model Selected: • Dolphin 9700hc

  22. Four Key Take-Aways • HSM offers a complete mobility line-up designed to deliver value-based application-ready capabilities for your customers across target segments enabling you to intuitively bundle your value-based services • HSM supports mobility based imaging technology widely regarded as the right data collection technology and preferred by your targeted end users • HSM delivers software assets and relationships that ease application development, system integration and device management • HSM is committed to expanding our mobility portfolio and our new product pipeline is balanced between extensions and market expansion opportunities to deliver solutions aligned with you and your customers needs What’s in it for you?

  23. Enterprise Mobility Value Proposition • Honeywell’s growing mobility solution portfolio delivers differentiating and value-based application-ready capabilities aligned with your customers needs enabling you to intuitively bundle your value-based services and realize ongoing revenue streams