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MarketsandMarkets, a research and consulting firm now onto publishing, is producing high level strategically analysed full reports about 120 a year tracking more than 10 industries. By this year end, MarketsandMarkets will launch industry wise, country wise market tracker reports, about 60,000 reports a year, building one of the largest business intelligence resource worldwide.

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  1. M&M Overview Founded in 2001, M&M is a full service research and consulting firm that produces 120 high-level, strategically analyzed, full-length reports a year, tracking more than 10 industries. By FYE 2009, M&M plans to launch industry-wise and country-wise market tracker reports for all the verticals we track. This intelligence database comprising of about 60,000 reports a year, will form one of the world’s largest business intelligence resources worldwide. M&M has effectively used technology to automate the management of large and complex market data tables and forecasts. We, at M&M, aspire to assist our clients achieve sustainable growth by providing incisive business insight into their respective markets. M&M Value Proposition • Our delivery model: • Syndicated research services- We annually publish 120 syndicated studies with 10% customization for every client • Consulting assignments - Pre-Execution, Execution, and post Execution engagement models enable us to better meet client expectations • Sponsored research studies- Our web presence spanning nearly 25 million pages helps us create visibility • How are we different? • Longest market segmentation in the industry • In-depth analysis of patents and profiles of key • market players providing a competitive landscape • Market data for segments such as technologies, services, and applications for major geographies • High level analysis of major market segments and identification of opportunities One stop solution for all market research and consulting needs………..

  2. Industry focus

  3. Services Research process outsourcing Content Management Advisory and Consulting Syndicated research • Primary research • Secondary research • Company profiles • Competitive intelligence and reporting • Dedicated research analysts • Benchmarking studies • Syndicated research with CATI and CAWI aided facilities, Survey design, Data collection, Data processing and analysis, Survey programming. The survey includes Concept testing, Customer satisfaction, Corporate image/perception, Subscriber surveys, Panel recruitment etc. • Content management services include: • Company profiles • Database updates • Industry abstracts • Company listings • Economic monitors • Investment research • Industry monitors • Intellectual property research • Mergers and acquisition target identification and evaluations • Country Intelligence • Portal Management • News feed & news analysis • Alliances • Multi-client Market intelligence reports • Market estimates and forecast • Opportunity analysis • Entry strategies • Market positioning • Competitive landscape and positioning • Product positioning • Market assessment, and • Feasibility study. • Management executive summaries A team of industry experts evaluate strategic options, shape successful action plans, and help companies make critical bottom-line decisions. Our huge market intelligence repository and industry experts together puts us in a position to grow alongside our clients. Our Solution is a full-service market research and business consulting company

  4. Our Unique Market Position • Structured primary interviews • Access to IMP paid sources • Apt use of technology to forecast • All integrated tables pass through more than a 100 validating checkpoints • In-house market intelligence available for more than 5,000 micro markets • Over 500 man-years of experience in every vertical tracked • Dedicated technical research team – tracking individual market Structured Methodology Industry Specific Experience & Expertise • Dedication to our customer’s success • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships • Strive for excellence OurValues Ability to reach industry • 67,000 Industry participants • 148 Global Research Partners Incisive and relevant market intelligence for your business……………

  5. Comparison of M&M Reports with Third-party Reports Delivery Model – Syndicated Research M&M Market Research Reports Third-party Market Reports V/S • Extensive 250-page reports • Five-level value chain • 50 company profiles • More than 80 market tables • Analysis of more than 50 micro-markets • In-depth high-level analysis • Compulsory market segmentation on the basis of products/applications/technology/ingredients • 10% customization at no extra price • Analysis of over 200 patents • Not more than 100-150 pages • Seldom go beyond level 1 • Not more than 25-30 company profiles • Less than 20 market tables • Not more than 20 micro-markets • Comparable to our high-level analysis • Market segmentation on the basis of not more than any two. • Non-tangible TOC and report structure • Not more than 50 patents analyzed High-level strategically analyzed reports ………….

  6. Delivery Model – Consulting Here’s how we can help you… Our Expertise… Research a range of different categories or niches worldwide • Compelling business cases • Market size estimations • Best practices • Entry strategies • Market dynamics, positioning and segmentation  • Competitive landscaping and benchmarking • Opportunity analysis • Economic forecasting • Industry-specific technology solutions • Roadmap analysis • Benchmarking key buying criteria/ unmet needs of B2B customers • In-depth benchmarking of vendor offerings - from USER PERSPECTIVE • Creating a strong visibility of your brand among your B2B customers - Sponsor a white paper • Primary interviews 1. Assess new product development from early-stage development to product launch 2. How to optimise your investments in established brands, new therapies and new approaches 3. Evaluate technology partnerships between companies, and changing global technologies, regulations, and markets 4. Identify and clarify trends in consumer and supply chain dynamics, and recommend successful marketing, sales and promotional strategies 5. Find out the potential in new geographical markets and how to successfully expand into these market. What are the challenges and opportunities? What are the market structures, drivers and competitive landscape? 6.

  7. Our Global Reach • 1. Dedicated technical research team – by geographies: • Continuous tracking more than 10,000 micro markets for each geography • 67,000 Industry Professionals: • Our in-house contact database of 67,080 is updated every 30 minutes • We can conduct market research projects in all areas of the industry with: • Your potential customers and your competitors • Potential new markets • Industry experts • We can conduct market research projects in all areas of the industry with: • N. America 19,981 contacts • Asia / APAC 16,836 contacts • Europe 22,084 contacts • S. America 6602 contacts • Africa 1,577 contacts to get the facts and analysis you need. • 3. 374 Research Associates: • Specialist local and regional knowledge (e.g. S.E. Asia, China, S. America) is provided as and when you need it by our research associate network.

  8. Our Global Reach 4. 22, 426 News and Information Aggregators: Get the facts you need from over 22,000 news and information sources, including: Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Profound/Dialog, Onesource, EIU. 5. 2 million companies: We’ve got all the leading company information sources including Hoovers, Datastar, Dun & Bradstreet, Kompass etc. 6. 1245 Brokers and Market Research Providers: We have access to all the leading specialist 3rd party research and consultancy providers including Frost and Sullivan, Aberdeen Group, Datamonitor, Euromonitor, MarkIntel. 7. 553 Trade Associations & Standards Bodies: Direct access to information provided by Industrial trade associations across the world Global reach makes our research studies uniqueand exhaustive

  9. Research Process Outsourcing- CATI Value Add

  10. Outsourced Research Model – Large Scale CATI Surveys Client Client Quality Control Quality delivery, Success based pricing, easy scale up scale down Survey Programming and translation Data Processing Analysis, modeling, mining and reporting Technical integration Recruiting Panel Data Collection Internal External M&M Call Center M&M Onsite Quality Mgr M&M Onsite Quality Mgr M&M Onsite Quality Mgr CallCenter-1, 120 seats CallCenter-2, 70 seats Call Center.. n, 150 seats Call Center Quality Control Call Center, Quality Control Call Center, Quality Control Call Center, Quality Control Remote listening Syndicated model-Data Collection M&M

  11. Secondary Research Sources & Tools (partial list) Secondary Sources • Country Information & Stock Info • Economist Intelligence Unit • International Tax and Business Guides • International Relocation Center • Reuter 3000 Xtra • The Financial Times • The Wall Street Journal • IT Information • Forrester Research • Computer Economics • Faulkner Information Services • Voice and Data • Regulation Information • Securities Mosaic • CCH Research Network • Search Engines • Alacra Business Web Search • Risk Management • DDAR • ISS Corporate Governance • Mergers & Acquisitions • Thomson Mergers & Acquisitions • MergerStat • Profound • DATA SOURCES • Company Information • OneSource Business Browser • Hoover’s • 10K Wizard • Bloomberg • Thomson Research • Thomson Street Events • Core Reference • Dun & Bradstreet’s Million Dollar Database • Bureau van Dijk’s Amadeus • BoardEx • Board Analyst • IdExec • CoreCompensation • Moody’s • Targeting & Sales Enablement • Factiva • Industry Information • Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys • The Wall Street Transcript • Kiplinger Forecasts • Dialog PRO • LexisNexis • ISI Emerging Markets • The McKinsey Quarterly

  12. M&M Resources - By Qualification • Team M&M couples business skills with a unique understanding of technology • All resources hold degrees from Tier 1 universities. Many with second degrees in business or law Education – 1st top degree Education – 2nd top degree

  13. Global client distribution Europe 42% N. America 38% Africa 3% Asia / APAC 13% S. America 4%

  14. CONFIDENTIAL Legal Measures Employee Security CONFIDENTIAL • NDA • Respective regional jurisdiction • Confidentiality is part of employee contract • Awareness of violating confidentiality • Strict ethical norms and secure research guidelines Security by Process Secured Data Centre • Multiple-level data access security • Restricted passage for mobile/communication device • Disallowing unsolicited data transfer by means of disks, emails, ftp, chat, image transfers and any other possible modes. • Check-in and check-out personal check • Availability of data information and resources on a need to basis • Secured login • Data center security • Secure transmission • Secure storage • Data access for team members • only Confidentially Management System

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