project vishram assisted living option at home n.
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PROJECT VISHRAM Assisted Living Option at home… PowerPoint Presentation
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PROJECT VISHRAM Assisted Living Option at home…

PROJECT VISHRAM Assisted Living Option at home…

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PROJECT VISHRAM Assisted Living Option at home…

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  1. PROJECT VISHRAMAssisted Living Option at home… Powered by App for Relationship Managers (RMs) working from home. RMs could be persons with disability or housewives. RMs identify needs and facilitates through Apps / Tel Nos. of Multiple Service providers of the Locality RMs are needed since the Elderly may not be familiar with Smartphones or Apps

  2. What is it? A Cost Effective Assisted Living option facilitated from multiple hubs Notfor Emergency Services, Not substitute for Old Age homes/ Geriatric Wards of Hospitals.

  3. WHY THE NEED ? • Elderly cherish independence • Wish to manage own affairs remaining Integrated in society • Dislike isolation in old age homes. • Growing nos. of the Elderly with no support.

  4. HOW IT WORKS? Multiple Relationship Managers (RMs) Working from home & facilitating Elderly/Care Givers (EUs) with Multiple Service Providers (SPs) Through Apps Or Tele Nos.

  5. WHO BENEFITS? Senior Citizens: Cost effective option of Assisted Living in familiar surroundings. Family members away: Happy that loved ones gets assistance. Care Givers & Others: Access to services (Medical & non Medical) monitored by RMs.

  6. SUSTAINABILITY? Each community needs support systems to enhance Quality of Life of Elderly. Vishram a service to meet the needs of the growing numbers of Elderly Globally. Most employees like to be supportive to their parents and choose to find employment close by. They may also choose to settle there after retirement. Corporates may use Vishram as part of CSR to provide this Affordable Assisted Living option for them and others near their locations.