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REVALIDATION. video. The Code. The NMC’s updated code of professional standards became effective on 31 st March 2015 The Code is centred around four themes, with public protection at the core, and builds on the existing foundation of good nursing and midwifery practice

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  2. video

  3. The Code • The NMC’s updated code of professional standards became effective on 31st March 2015 • The Code is centred around four themes, with public protection at the core, and builds on the existing foundation of good nursing and midwifery practice • The Code should be used as a ‘living’ guide at the heart of everyday nursing and midwifery practice

  4. Four themes brought together in one CodeTogether they signify good nursing and midwifery practice.

  5. What is Revalidation? • Revalidation builds on the previous Prep requirements • Every three years, at the point of their renewal of registration, nurses and midwives need to show that, as a professional, they are living by the Code’s standards of practice and behaviour • They need to meet a range of requirements, designed to show that they are keeping up to date and practising safely and effectively • Revalidation is about promoting good practice across the whole population of nurses and midwives. • Participation is on an on-going basis rather than a point in time assessment

  6. What it is NOT • It is NOT about assessing competence x • It is NOT an assessment of a nurse or midwifes fitness to practicex • It is NOT a way to raise fitness to practice concerns x

  7. Revalidation aims to: • Raise awareness of the Code and professional standards expected of nurses and midwives; • Allow nurses and midwives to reflect on the role of the Code in their practice and demonstrate that they are ‘living’ these standards • Encourage nurses and midwives to stay up to date in their professional practice; • Encourage a culture of sharing, reflection and improvement; • Encourage nurses and midwives to engage in professional networks and discussions about their practice; and Strengthen public confidence in the nursing and midwifery profession

  8. Overall • Revalidation should lead to improved practice and therefore public protection benefits

  9. So what do I have to do ???

  10. Revalidation requirements Practice hours You must have practised a minimum number of hours over the three years since your registration was last renewed or since you joined the register 450hours minimal 900hours if duel registered

  11. Continuing professional development You must have undertaken CPD, relevant to your scope of practice as a nurse or midwife, in the 3 year period since your registration was last renewed or since you joined the register. 35hours of which 20 hours must include participatory learning

  12. V-Care Overview

  13. V-Care Project Aims Validate your care (V-Care) aims to provide a ‘one stop’ user friendly Online learning portal to support busy nurses.

  14. V-care provides re-assurance The software provides the Trust with an opportunity to assure the public and other stakeholders that’s your nursing work force are up-to-date, and practising caring and compassionate evidence based care.

  15. V-care is easy to access The learning environment has been designed to be easy to access both on the ward or department. The software can also be accessed outside of the workplace if needed. The software can be used not only on Pcs and Laptops but also on tablets and smartphones.

  16. V-care prepares for the NMCRequirements. The programme is designed to engender the four themes of the code, avoid duplication of effort with requirements of mandatory training, use the best available evidence and support nurses to prepare for the professional re-validation requirements from the NMC which will be required from April 2015.

  17. V-care links to appraisals Completion of V-Care which has to be completed every 3 years may become mandatory and linked to annual appraisals and development plans.

  18. V-Care Development The modules and the subjects within them have been chosen based on views from senior nurses within the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and across others Trusts in Greater Manchester, Patient feedback data, nursing metrics data, and national Policy and directives.

  19. V-Care Development cont. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have worked closely with the V-Care steering group, E-learning team and Library service to ensure the learning resources are evidence based and easy to use.

  20. V-Care Structure The programme is structured into 3 modules: Recognition and Management of the Deteriorating Adult Care of the Older People in Acute Hospital Settings Evidence Based Acute Medical and Surgical Nursing Care

  21. Time to use V-Care The length of time to complete the modules will vary dependant on the individual participant’s result in the pre-test. (Estimated 2 – 10 hours). The modules maybe completed in any order. Also a short evaluation questionnaire has to be completed as well as a reflection template to complete the programme and obtain a certificate. The pass rate is 90%

  22. Practice related feedback You must have obtained 5 pieces of practice related feedback in the 3 years since your registration was last renewed or since you joined the register 5 pieces of feedback

  23. Written Reflective accounts You must have prepared five written reflective accounts on your CPD, practice-related feedback, and/or an event or experience in your practice, and explain how this relates to the Code. You should prepare these over the three years since your registration was renewed or you joined the register 5Reflective accounts

  24. Reflective discussion You must have and a reflective discussion with another NMC-registered nurse or midwife, covering your five reflective accounts and how they relate to the Code 5 reflective discussions

  25. Health and character You must provide a health and character declaration, including declaring any cautions or convictions or determinations from another regulatory body

  26. Professional indemnity You must declare that you have, or will have when practising, appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement

  27. Confirmation You will need to demonstrate to an appropriate person that you have met the Revalidation requirements A confirmer is being asked to assess whether you have demonstrated that you have met the requirements for Revalidation, not whether you are fit to practice

  28. Who can be a confirmer ? Please Note: • If your confirmer is not an NMC registered nurse or midwife, then you must undertake your reflective discussion with another NMC – Registered nurse or midwife before seeking confirmation from your confirmer • Line Manager • Appraiser

  29. The Application Process • NMC Online account (www.nmc.org.uk/nmc-online) • 60 day notification • Complete online application • 1st of the month – submit application • Last day of the month – RENEWAL

  30. REMEMBER Revalidation is the responsibility of nurses and midwives themselves YOU are the owner of your own Revalidation process

  31. Failure to Revalidate • If you fail to submit your Revalidation before the end of your three year renewal period, your registration will lapse. • You are no longer a registered nurse or midwife. • It is an offence to falsely represent yourself as being on the register, or on part of it, or to use a title to which you are not entitled. • If you have submitted an application, but have failed to meet the requirements and your application is refused then you may appeal this decision within 28 days of the date on your decision letter.

  32. Clarity System • Easy to follow system • Upload your Revalidation evidence • Link to the system can be found on the Revalidation page under Useful Links • Can be accessed from home • Send off to your Appraiser/Confirmer

  33. You will receive an invitation to register with the clarity system via your Trust email

  34. Video

  35. You can access the Revalidation site on the Trust intranet and also on the Trusts external site

  36. Revalidation Team • Kimberley Salmon – Jamieson Deputy Chief Nurse • Jane Garforth Revalidation Trainer (44244) • Diana Eden – Maughan Revalidation Facilitator (44244) • Ayoade Adedokun Revalidation Administrator (44244) E-mail : nmc.revalidation@pat.nhs.uk Phone : internal 44244 external 0161 918 4244

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