the underground railroad n.
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  2. Menu Buttons • Press the to go forward. • Press the to go backward. • Press the to go to the main menu.

  3. What is the underground-railroad? A secret network that helped runaway slaves reach freedom in the North.

  4. will control the mouse. will control the keyboard. Partner B Remember to talk each question over with your partner. Make sure you do well on the mini quizzes, it will help you for the big one. Partner A

  5. The red states were the slave states. Theblue states are the free states. The slaves would runaway so they could get to the north and become free.

  6. If a slave got caught running away, they would be sent back to the plantation and forced to work harder

  7. Today we are going to learn how slaves managed to get away from their plantations and become free using the underground railroad.

  8. Let’s begin


  10. You are approached by one of your friends. He asks you to run away with him. What do you say? YES NO

  11. Because you said yes, your friends says he knows all the secrets, and you two back your bags and head out that night.

  12. Because you said no, your friend left without you.

  13. Secret Signs North Star Main Menu QUIZ Conductors

  14. North Star As you and your friend travel throughout the night he tells you to follow the North Star.

  15. North Star He points out a constellation called the big dipper. He says: “ The big dipper looks like it is catching the North Star.”

  16. North Star He tells you “It is the brightest star in the sky. If you ever get lost just follow the north star. It will take you all the way north to Canada.

  17. Why do you think that slaves traveled during the night instead of during the day? (Talk your answers out with your partner and then partner B will type your answer into the box below.)

  18. Now it is time for the mini quiz. Make sure to do your best, and talk each question out with your partner. Good Luck!

  19. What constellation did your friend point out to you? C. B. A. Little Dipper Orion Big Dipper

  20. Little Dipper Incorrect, try again Remember the constellation your friend pointed out is a very big constellation.

  21. B. Big Dipper Correct, Good job. You remembered that your friend pointed out the big dipper to you.

  22. C. Orion Incorrect, try again Orion is a real constellation but the slaves did not use it on the underground railroad.

  23. Secret Signs It has been 3 very long days and you and your friend finally see a house in the distance.

  24. Secret Signs As you guys are approaching the house, he points out this quilt to you.

  25. Secret Signs He tells you that this pattern means that you have to dress up. Confused you ask him why they use quilts.

  26. Secret Signs He tells you that they are secret signs and the people use them so other people don’t know they’re part of the Underground Railroad.

  27. Secret Signs You ask how many different kinds of patterns there are and your friend tells you 4. Click on each picture to find out more about each pattern. Click the arrow to move on when finished.

  28. Bowtie Pattern This is the bowtie pattern. It told slaves to be dressed up. The runaway slaves would be met by someone that would give them clothes to change into.

  29. Bears Paw pattern This is the bears paw trail pattern. It warned slaves to follow a path through the woods.

  30. Monkey Wrench Pattern This is the monkey wrench pattern. It told slaves to get their tools together and move on. Sometimes these tools were physical and other times they were mental, like courage.

  31. Drunkards Pattern This is the drunkards pattern. It told slaves to zig-zag while they’re on the run so people would get confused while tracking them.

  32. Why do you think that the safe houses used secret quilts rather than putting a sign in their front yard? ( Partner B gets to type)

  33. Which pattern told slaves to gather their tools and move on? A. Bears Paw B. Bow Tie C. Drunkards D. Monkey Wrench

  34. Bears Paw Pattern Incorrect This pattern told slaves to take a path through the woods Try again

  35. Bow Tie Pattern Incorrect This pattern told slaves to dress up Try again

  36. Drunkards Pattern Incorrect This pattern told slaves to zig-zag Try again

  37. Monkey Wrench Correct You knew this pattern told slaves to gather their tools and move on even if their tools weren’t physical. Good Job

  38. Conductors You and your friend are about to head out and continue on your journey, when you are approached by a woman.

  39. Conductors She says, “ My name is Harriet Tubman and I’m a conductor on the Underground Railroad.”

  40. Conductors She continues to talk saying, “ I have rescued over 300 slaves and made many trips back to the south.”

  41. Harriet asks you “ Would you like to join me for the rest of your journey?” YES NO

  42. You and your friend told Harriet that you would continue with her. Because of that the time of your journey was cut in half.

  43. You told Harriet no. Because of this, your journey took twice as long and you were almost caught three times.

  44. After a night of traveling, you, your friend, and Harriet come to a clearing in the woods.

  45. There is a house and outside they have a bears paw pattern quilt. Harriet leads you to the trail. She says “ At night fall a man by the name of Henry “Box” Brown will meet you right here.”

  46. Finally it turns to night, and sure enough, there Henry is.

  47. Henry then tells you his heroic story of how he got away from slavery. “ I had one of my good friends build me a box that was the perfect size for me. Once it was done I got in the box and had him nail it shut. Then he shipped me off to Pennsylvania. It was a 27 hour trip.”

  48. After another long night of traveling, you finally reach your destination! The North. You are so excited to see people of your kind free to do whatever they want.

  49. Why do you think Harriet went back to the south o rescue all the slaves even though she was already free? ( Partner B gets to use the keyboard)

  50. What did Henry’s friend build for him? A. Boat B. Box C. Bike