the state of the us mexico border philanthropy partnership n.
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The State of the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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The State of the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership

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The State of the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership

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The State of the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership

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  1. The State of the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership 4 Goals for Phase II of BPP 2005-2008 1)Build capacity of individual foundations 2)Strengthen the Communications and Advocacy Network 3)Engage other partners and funders in the border region 4)Build a community philanthropy capacity building infrastructure

  2. Institutional Strengthening The BPP uses a framework that includes four integrated components to institutional strengthening:1) Administration/Management 2) Governance 3) Resource Mobilization 4) Program and Community Leadership

  3. Administration/Management Assets: Basic infrastructures are now in place Leadership is growing, particularly Latino leadership Challenges: Disconnect between policies/procedures and actual implementation High rate of staff turnover At least half of the foundations/affiliates have only 1-2 staff people

  4. Governance Assets: • Boards diversified, committees formed • Some boards actively engaged in long term planning and fund development Challenges: • Boards not as engaged in fund development as could/should be • Board members often acting as individuals, not yet as a group aligned around common vision

  5. Grantmaking and Community Leadership Assets: Increased commitment to border geography Focus on core border issues Challenges: Newer foundations still trying to understand the context of their communities to make good program decisions Weaknesses in decision making, monitoring and evaluation

  6. Resource Mobilization Assets: Greater clarity of purpose Mexican CFs diversifed their funding sources US foundations increasing funds Innovative strategies being tested Challenges: Asset development is slow Lack of comprehensive development plans that include operational and programmatic asset goals Newer, smaller foundations having trouble with operational funds

  7. BPP Network Assets: Thematic Foci Joint learning around thematic topics is well received and useful to members • Thematic foci starting to take root, newer CFs taking on these issues • Starting to identify resources/partners for BCFs in these areas

  8. BPP Network Assets: Increased cross border collaboration and within the network , including the work of the committees Engaged funders

  9. BPP Network Challenges: More cross border work remains to be done Financial sustainability of the network

  10. BPP Network Challenges: Mexico specific • Legal, fiscal and cultural environment still a major challenge in Mexico

  11. Conclusions Assets in the border are alive and there is much to build on. Organizations are growing and relationships, communication and collaboration has been established, particularly in sister cities. Strong interest in network in cross border work, but it needs to be concretized Challenges apparent, especially for newer foundations With renewed shared vision and commitment for the future, the BPP network can mobilize resources for improved quality of life for generations to come.