how i taught my grandmother to read and other stories n.
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How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories PowerPoint Presentation
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How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories

How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories

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How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories

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  1. How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories Sudha Murthy

  2. Biography • Sudha Murthy is an Indian social worker and author. Murthy began her professional career as a computer scientist and engineer. She is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a member of public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation.  • Born: August 19, 1950 (age 63), Shiggaon • Spouse: N. R. Narayana Murthy (m. 1978) • Siblings: ShrinivasKulkarni • Education: BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Cornell University, Indian Institute of Science • Children: Akshata Murthy, Rohan Murthy

  3. HER WRITINGS • Mrs. Murthy has written many stories on • common lives • views on donations • hospitality and realisation. • Titles of the stories • Sweet Hospitality • Wise and Otherwise. Collections of stories ‘How I taught my grandmother to read & other stories’

  4. How did she develop the taste for books? • Her stories are the recreation of her childhood experiences. • The source of inspiration was her grand father. • Narrated the following stories dramatically- modulating the voice, adding some imaginative details to interest • Shivaji • Epics of India • Aesop stories • Tenali Rama • Birbal

  5. Questions to ponder upon • What do you do 1. when your grandmother asks you to teach her the alphabet? 2. the President of India takes you on a ride with him? 3. a teacher gives you more marks than you deserve?

  6. Story 1 • How I taught my grandmother to read

  7. Agony of a grandmother who could not read and write

  8. The story within a story • Kashiyatrewritten by Kannada writer, Triveni General theme- Dealt with psychological issues of humanity Theme of KashiYatre: • An old lady’s desire to go to Kashi, a religious place. • Saves money to visit before she dies • Comes across a an orphan call longing to marry her llover- has no money • Old lady understands the plight of the young girl • Gives money to her to help the girl in distress • Realises happiness of the girl is more important thatn visiting vishveshwara.

  9. Assignment • You are now going to step into the shoes of TRIVENI • Have you ever come across in your real life, an old man or a woman resolute and determined to accomplish? • Share your story with your friend. Identify five words that express the emotions of the old man/woman

  10. Collect some photos/pictures of old people. • If your talented reflect your feelings through pencil sketches. • Paste them in the English note book