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Label Applicator

Label Applicator

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Label Applicator

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  1. Labeling Equipment – One Size Doesn’t Fit All There are all kinds of labeling equipment available in the manufacturing world, just like there are all kinds of packaging styles and methods that are being used across industries and countries. Since different products require different ways to ensure safety and shipping convenience, the containers or material in which they are stored and sold to the customer also varies in shape, size, texture and material. It is therefore, pretty obvious that the label that a manufacturer will be affixing on it will have to be customized as well to suit these requirements. Naturally, the label applicator being used for the purpose needs to be versatile enough to be able to cater to these needs. Usually, labeling equipment come in standard configurations and given the humungous nature of the investment that you will have to make to buy one, you don’t want to end up with a machine that doesn’t provide to your needs. Some applicators are customizable as well and can be tweaked to properly apply labels to special kinds of packaging. Just like in the case of shoes, one size doesn’t fit all. So the next time you are out in the market, looking to buy one of these machines, be sure to keep these types in mind. This knowledge will help you pick out the right equipment for your packaging requirements so that your money is not wasted on a useless purchase. • First there are the conical applicators that can tackle these oddly shaped packages with ease and will affix or print labels with prime finish. • Then there are the trap and wrap labelers – they deal with difficult shapes too and carefully encapsulate the product for better protection and accurate application of labels • Flag type label applicators deal with the impossible surfaces such as tubes, tyres and the like. They manage to properly affix labels on these difficult surfaces with efficiency, speed and accuracy. • The horizontal rollers are label applicators that can manage to affix labels on the tiniest of surfaces. As the name suggests, the roll on the label on to the packaging, thereby handling tight corners and cramped spaces easily and effectively. • Then there are the top and bottom label machines that are best used for bottles. They can affix or print your label on these surfaces at specific sections of the bottle with precision and ease. All these machines have been designed to handle specific packaging needs and therefore, if your requirements fit into any of these categories, make sure you do not buy the standard equipment. These specialist labeling machines are the answer that you have been looking for all this time to augment your branding plans and make your product more catchy to the eyes of the customer. When it comes to buying label applicators, happens to be an excellent company to be relying upon. They offer the best of machines from the most popular brands, all made available at fantastically affordable prices.

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