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Six/6 months weeks industrial training in PHP | PHP Training in Mohali ,Chandigarh PowerPoint Presentation
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Six/6 months weeks industrial training in PHP | PHP Training in Mohali ,Chandigarh

Six/6 months weeks industrial training in PHP | PHP Training in Mohali ,Chandigarh

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Six/6 months weeks industrial training in PHP | PHP Training in Mohali ,Chandigarh

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  1. ACME FINISHING SCHOOL Six/6 month’s industrial training in PHP in Mohali/Chandigarh We

  2. Six/6 month’s industrial training in PHP in Mohali/Chandigarh We • We here to provide Six/6 month industrial in PHP in Mohali/Chandigarh. .We are offering the best PHP and MYSQL training institute and training centre in Chandigarh, 100% job oriented PHP Training with live project. Acme has been the industry leader for developing innovative training programs which helps university and college students to get placed in the good companies and also helps in making their professional career.

  3. Six/6 Months Industrial Training in PHP: • PHP is an open source language, which is system independent and can be operated on all major operating systems like MAC, Window & even on Linux. • Operating system requires a different server to deal with PHP, like the LAMP for Linux Machine and WAMP for Windows machine. • PHP is a server-side scripting language used in the mobile Application interface programming web development. • PHP can be used in combination with leading databases like Oracle & MYSQL, and can easily integrate with other existing web technologies like CSS, HTML, Ajax, JavaScript and catchy web page

  4. PHP: Hypertext Processor • PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is an HTML embedded scripting language used for web development. In PHP Training, students are taught how to use PHP for creating forums, picture galleries and surveys and are also used for creating password login page and username. Students are also taught to enhance light weight web pages during PHP Training. • It can be composed with HTML or with other search engines and web frameworks. In order to create dynamic web pages developers use PHP language. PHP language has most of the syntax derived from languages such as C, PERL, and Java.

  5. Industries Using PHP • Since PHP is widely used and most popular scripting language, most of the online companies are hiring PHP professionals to design attractive websites in order to impress the customers. It is used by companies for creating advanced e-commerce, database, and business websites. The best and top PHP development companies are: • • Facebook • • PHP Genie • • Lezgro • • Ably Soft • Fatbit Technologies These top level companies demand pro professionals to design their ambitious projects online and reward them with superb packages and good career growth.

  6. Steps To Learn PHP • Creating and modifying a PHP page • Working with variables and data types • Using if/else if/else statements to control processing conditionally • Creating programs that include for, while, and do loops to process statements repeatedly • Employing the break, continue, and exit statements to modify default loop behaviors • Creating arrays • How to manipulate strings in PHP using the built-in functions • Maintaining state using cookies, session variables, hidden form fields and query strings • The fundamental techniques necessary to create a shopping cart solution • Using SQL to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from tables • Using the php My Admin utility to administer the MySQL database • Using PHP to manipulate files • To identify and handle the three main types of errors that can occur when programming with PHP

  7. Course Modules Six/6 Months Industrial Training In PHP • Overview Of PHP • Static vs. Dynamic Web Sites • Dynamic Content from Databases • Developing Dynamic Internet Applications • Client-Side Scripting vs. Server-Side Scripting • Overview of PHP Advantages and Capabilities • Configuring php.ini • PHP vs. ASP • Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs • PHP Scripting Fundamentals • Print Statement • Code Blocks • Primitive Data Types • Defining Constants and Variables • Looping Constructs • o    while • o    do… while • o    for • o    exit & break

  8. For More details about Six/6 months industrial training in PHP, please free to contact us at: Acme Finishing School For more information contact us: Phone: 0172 – 4645099, 9501888774 Address: C88, Phase VII, Mohali (Industrial Area) (Punjab) Email Id: