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Those are squirrel babies! PowerPoint Presentation
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Those are squirrel babies!

Those are squirrel babies!

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Those are squirrel babies!

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  1. Those are squirrel babies!

  2. What Do I Do If I Find a Baby?

  3. It’s morning. Walking through the woods, you spot a baby bird crouched down behind a rock. What do you do? (Choose A,B,C or D…)

  4. A: Take it home! You’ve always wanted a pet.

  5. B: Throw rocks at it.

  6. C: Leave it there and hope its Mom finds it.

  7. D: Check to see if it’s injured. If it’s OK, make a replacement nest, OR put it back in its own nest if you can find it.

  8. D! A wild baby belongs in its nest. If you can’t see its nest, you should ► Make a nest for it. However, if the bird is injured, you should ► Call the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. What are the worst things you could EVER do to a wild bird?

  9. #1: Try to feed it Here, eat this.

  10. #2: Try to keep it • Birds will think they’re human if they’re raised by one. This is called a imprint. If the owner lets the bird back into the wild, the bird will die. I just got the cutest bird today! I named him Oscar…

  11. To help reinforce that, it’s ILLEGAL!!!! It was just a goldfinch! How could I resist?!

  12. Here, let me comfort you. #3: Stress itA wild baby’s little heart beat RACES when touched by humans! YIKES!! MONSTER!!

  13. FeedingKeepingStressingAny of these can result in death. Avoid these and you will give the baby its best chance for a happy life!

  14. I FOUND A BABY MAMMAL!!What in the world do I do?

  15. Oh, look! A baby raccoon! Where’s its mommy? What am I going to do? Oh no!!! What if this were You? What would YOU do?

  16. First, check for injury.(Hint: It is likely to be injured if your cat or dog brought it in.) Here, let me see if you’re okay.

  17. If it is injured, call a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. MOM! I need to use the phone!

  18. If it isn’t injured, try to put it back in its nest or den. Once there, wait for its mother to return. If she does not in a couple hours, call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

  19. The “Mammal Page” Special guidelines apply to some animals. Click on any animal below to learn its exception! Exit to end of show

  20. Return to Mammal Page Fawns Often a mother will leave her fawn in a safe place in the grass; this might be your backyard! ► DO NOT DISTURB THE FAWN! A fawn in need of help will walk around, crying. ?

  21. Bats Return to Mammal Page Do not touch a bat! Bats can carry rabies! If you are bitten, you’ll have to get shots!! If you find a bat on the ground, ► Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, because that’s unusual behavior

  22. Rabbits Baby rabbits are safest in their nest. Its nest may be a small hole covered with grass. Return to Mammal Page If you find a baby rabbit out of its nest, • Place it back in its nest. • Sprinkle baking flour or lay threads around the nest. Return in a couple of hours. If the thread/flour is disturbed, all is well. If not, or…. If you cannot find the nest, • Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

  23. Raccoon Return to Mammal Page Most likely, an “orphaned” raccoon is not really orphaned. A mother raccoon might leave her babies in different locations. If you find a baby raccoon, • Watch it (from safe distance!!) at night to make sure its mother returns. If it’s still there in the morning, • Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

  24. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot. If you treat wild animals with respect, you could be a hero! Next time you find a wild baby, think twice before picking it up.

  25. You can be an animal hero!!