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One Outlaw Personal Trainer Coming Your Way PowerPoint Presentation
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One Outlaw Personal Trainer Coming Your Way

One Outlaw Personal Trainer Coming Your Way

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One Outlaw Personal Trainer Coming Your Way

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  1. It is called Alli (prescription form is Xenical) and is going to be the first weight-loss drug sanctioned for over-the-counter sales. The FDA advisory panel approved it and the FDA usually follows the recommendations of its advisory panel.All i will help you lose weight and keep it off for good. It works by blocking about one-quarter of the fat in the food you eat from being digested. All you have to do is consume a pill every time you eat fatty food. This pill prevents your body from absorbing the fat and therefore prevents you from getting fat. It is recommended that you follow a restricted diet with 30% or less of your calories from fat while taking Alli. One Outlaw Personal Trainer Coming Your Way

  2. The results from Alli will be amazing. You will reduce insulin levels, improve high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk or delay the progression to type 2 diabetes.Are you wondering when this drug is going to become available?? What I didn't tell you were the negative side effects of Alli. We tend to only read the good stuff and not look into the magical solution any further than that. Well, please read carefully. Alli can cause gas with oily discharge, an increased number of bowel movements, an urgent need to have them, and an inability to control them, particularly after meals containing higher amounts of fat than are recommended.

  3. Does that sound like something you are willing to deal with everyday? Do you want to buy Depends to get through your day just so you can lose fat without lifting a finger? I'm pretty sure it's not worth it and could put you in some very embarrassing situations. Keep reading. More side effects are the inability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, K and beta carotene along with incontinence and abdominal cramping.The studies done on Xenical, the prescription form, are only done for a 2 year period too. (There are only 6 month studies done on Alli so far.) Are you willing to be a test dummy and try the drug out longer than that? No one knows what side effects could take place after that or if you will even still be alive.