east bank middle school kanawha county n.
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East Bank Middle School Kanawha County PowerPoint Presentation
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East Bank Middle School Kanawha County

East Bank Middle School Kanawha County

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East Bank Middle School Kanawha County

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  1. East Bank Middle SchoolKanawha County

  2. Positive Climate and Cohesive Culture

  3. Shared Beliefs and Values • All students can achieve. • Quality teaching is the key to student success. • Focus on learning not just teaching. • Strive for perfection to reach excellence. • All teachers must be teachers of 21st century literacy skills. • Effective leadership skills are essential in and out of the classroom for creating 21st century schools.

  4. High Expectations for All • Raise Westest scores three percent for all subject areas. • Actions step include: • Build relationships with students • Use of Interventionists • Second chance opportunities • After school tutoring • Saturday school enrichment • Review of data weekly • Acuity/Benchmark, and reteach according to data.

  5. Safe, Orderly and Engaging Environment

  6. School Leadership Principal – Mr. Mike Wilkinson Vice Principal – Mr. Eric Eskew Vice Principal – Mr. Sam Whitt Counselor – Mr. Matt Anderson

  7. Principal Leadership • Leadership Team Meetings Weekly • Open-door policy • Relates professional standards

  8. School Teams and Councils • Grade level teams meet with the following days: • Data Interventionist day • Discipline day • Cross curricular day • Student and parent conferences • Professional Learning communities • Monitoring of student grades

  9. Teacher Leadership • Professional Learning Communities • Piloting Apangea Website • Beginning Teacher Academy • Team Meetings • Leadership Team • Faculty Senate

  10. Student Leadership • Students at East Bank Middle School Have: • Raised Money to Contribute to Local Family Made Homeless by Fire. • Contributed to Food Baskets for the Community at Christmas. • Contributed to Food Drives for East Bank Food Pantry. • Contributed to Drive to Raise Money for Funeral Expenses of a Child in Community. • Contributed to Money to Prevention of Juvenile Diabetes.

  11. Standards-Focused Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments

  12. Standards-Focused Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments

  13. Standards-Focused Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments

  14. Classroom Learning Environment

  15. Classroom Learning Environment

  16. Classroom Learning Environment

  17. Classroom Learning Environment

  18. Standards-Focused Curriculum

  19. Instructional Planning

  20. Instructional Planning

  21. Instructional Planning

  22. Instructional Delivery

  23. Instructional Delivery

  24. Student Support Services and Family/Community Connections

  25. Home School Liaison Marg Heasley East Bank Middle/ Riverside High School

  26. East Bank Middle • 116 phone calls • 32 home visits • 15 parent meetings • 56 referrals • Family Night • Christmas Baskets • Clothing Drive for needy families • Collaboration with Cabin Creek Pioneer Clinic • Weekly meeting with counselor and attendance director • Mentoring group related to West Test/ Attendance

  27. New Documentation • Referral forms • Phone call log forms • Home visit log forms • Parent meeting log forms

  28. Community Involvement • Upper Kanawha Valley Community Meeting • Partnering with the WECAN mentoring program • Working with CPS workers to coordinate services • Developed resource guide to be distributed to parents at each school • Collaboration with Belle Women’s Club to provide mentoring and incentives to students

  29. Research • Surveys have been distributed to all of the schools to determine the best way to approach issues with truancy • Why do students miss school? • Which of the following would make kids come to school? • Opportunities for real-world learning (internships, service learning, etc.) to make classroom relevant • Teachers who keep classes interesting • Smaller classes with more individual instruction • Increase supervision at school to ensure students attend classes   • Do you believe you will be academically ready to enroll at Riverside High School? • Yes • No • Do you feel that you are academically supported while in school? • Yes • No • Do you feel that you are supported academically by someone when you are not in school? • Yes • No • Do you believe it is important to stay in school, why or why not? • How many days do you believe you have missed this school year? __________

  30. Reasons for missing school Survey Results 2011

  31. SURVEY RESULTS 2011 Which of the following would make students come to school?

  32. Survey Results 2011 cont. Do you feel prepared to advance to the next grade? Do you feel academically supported at school?

  33. Results cont. Do you feel academically supported at home ? Do you think it is important to stay in school ?

  34. Survey Results 2011 cont. Have you missed more that 10 school days for reason other than illness?

  35. Job Plan • Hold monthly meetings with counselor and attendance director to discuss students in need of social services or attendance intervention. If possible, will include parents in the meetings to discuss any personal problems or needs they are experiencing. Will also conduct home visits which will provide insight in possible interventions needed. • Meet weekly with attendance director, counselor, and/or principal(s) to discuss high risk children. • Supply teachers and staff with a referral system to adequately meet family’s needs with home visits. • Form collaborative partnerships with area businesses to develop resources in response to community needs. • Distribute fliers monthly to update and involve the community • Attend school events, parent nights, and PTO meetings to make connections with families and provide additional support • Maintain a group for targeted students to encourage them improve attendance and academic performance • Maintain ties with community organizations that are willing to provide social services (counseling, mentoring, housing) to the schools and their students/families.

  36. Job Plan Cont. • Continue to research children/family needs in the community and provide creative ways to meet these needs (this may vary from school to school) • Attend meetings in the schools when necessary (ex: IEP, 504, SAT, Monitoring Meetings) • Follow up with families on a weekly basis for children whohave a continual attendance issue. Discuss academic and personal challenges as well as potential career options • Maintain relationships with students and families in an effort to pair their needs with identifiable resources available to them in the community. • Provide additional support, as needed, to students who have been in alternative settings and are transitioning back into their home school. • Provide services for students and families in need to facilitate the home/ school relationship

  37. Future Planning • Support groups for parents • Information sessions for parents • Bring your parents to school • Student led conferences • Incentives for attendance • High School/ Middle School Mentors • Parent Blogs for each school • Business Fair

  38. Positive Relationships

  39. Student Personal Development • Counselor • Nurse • Cabin Creek Clinic • Assemblies on Student Choices and Tobacco Usage • Team and Student Conferences

  40. Parent and Community Partnerships • Thanksgiving Food Baskets to Needy Families • Christmas Gifts to Needy Students • East Bank Food Pantry • Veteran’s Day Assembly • Open House • Step Up Day • Family Night • Student Christian Group Working on Low Income Housing in Our Community

  41. Educator Growth and Development

  42. Professional Development • Beginning Teacher Academy • Professional Learning Communities • Smartboard Training • DOK Training • County Professional Opportunities • TI-Nspire Webinars • TI Users Group • Professional Organizations

  43. Teacher Collaboration • Daily Team Meetings • School Improvement Council • Leadership Team Meeting • Faculty Senate

  44. Facilities

  45. Facilities

  46. Facilities

  47. Facilities

  48. Facilities

  49. Facilities

  50. Personnel