industrial uses of connectors and custom cable assemblies n.
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Industrial Uses of Connectors And Custom Cable Assemblies PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Uses of Connectors And Custom Cable Assemblies

Industrial Uses of Connectors And Custom Cable Assemblies

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Industrial Uses of Connectors And Custom Cable Assemblies

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  1. Industrial Uses of Connectors And Custom Cable Assemblies By

  2. Custom cable assembliesand Connectors like PCB, harsh environment, waterproof, pogo pin, etc are the driving forces behind manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment. Most of the manufacturing industries like automotive, electrical and electronics, entertainment, computers, television, aerospace, medical, etc. need custom cable assemblies, PCB connectors, harsh environment connectors, pogo pin connectors on a regular basis. Let us see in details about these parts.

  3.  Custom cable assemblies Custom cable assemblies are mainly used for data or power flow. As today is the age where customers want fast speed and less size, the custom cable assemblies are constantly recreated and modified. The automobiles need numerous cables of the best quality on regular basis. Computers as well need custom cable assemblies for transferring data, signal, and power on a large scale. Electrical and electronics industry also needs these cables for wiring in many parts. The demand for these cables is high and will always be there until the technology is developing.

  4. Harsh environment connectors As their name suggests, the harsh environment connectors are used in demanding or harsh environments where physical and environmental conditions like shocks, dust, water, extreme temperatures, salinity, rough handling, sound, pressures, vibrations, etc. are high for similar applications. The heavy-duty applications use harsh environment connectorsfor data transfer. They are made very strong and resistant to harsh physical or environmental conditions.

  5.  PCB connectors PCB connectorsare used for connecting the signals and power between printed circuit boards (PCBs.) Almost all electronic and electrical industries need the PCB connectors of different types. They help in simplification of PCB designs and act as a connection between different PCBs. Complex circuits use these connectors which provide support to such circuits.

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