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Tatum’s Pain-Guins PowerPoint Presentation
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Tatum’s Pain-Guins

Tatum’s Pain-Guins

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Tatum’s Pain-Guins

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  1. Tatum’s Pain-Guins The Pain-guin was inspired by my thirteen year old sister named Tatum. She battled Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in her left leg for two years. During that time, Tatum practiced the physical therapy desensitization technique every twenty minutes. She carried little scraps of fabric around in a plastic bag for the desensitization and would rub them against her legs. After she was healed, I decided to give back to the program that helped her so much. I also wanted to make physical therapy a little more fun for kids who shared her condition. I decided this would be a great idea for my Girl Scout Gold Award project. I imagined the idea to sew different textured fabric scraps into the shape of her favorite animal, the penguin. I sewed fifteen myself and invited the community to a stuffing party. I made kits of cut out fabric for fifteen more Pain-guins and sent them to Girl Scouts around California to sew and assemble. Together, we made thirty Pain-guins that are being donated to the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital’s Pain Program for kids to use. Doctors in this program are enthused about this new tool for physical therapy. Because of the Pain-guins success, I decided to share it’s instructions and template with anyone who is battling CRPS or wants to help someone that is. I hope that the Pain-guin brings a little joy to you or your loved ones fight with CRPS! 

  2. INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE PAIN-GUIN • Supplies: • -Different Fabrics (2 body pieces ,1 belly, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 feet, 4 wing pieces, 4 hair pieces • -Stuffing -Scissors • -String -Sewing Machine • -Needle -Pins • Find differently textured fabrics • Cut the different fabrics to fit the size of the templates • 3. Pin the eyes, nose, and feet to the belly. • 2. Pin the belly to the front piece of the body. • 3. Sew on the eyes, nose, feet and belly to the front piece of the body. • 4. Pin two wings together inside out. • 5. Sew two wing pieces together but leave an inch space • 6. Pull wing right side in • 7. Repeat 4 and 5 for the other two wing pieces • 8. Pin wings to the front of the body piece. • 9. Pin the hair pieces downward to the front of the body piece • 10. Pin the front of the back body piece to the front of the front body piece. • 11. Sew the two body pieces together but leave about an inch and a half space • Pull right side in • 13. Stuff Pain-guin • 14. Use an invisible hand stitch to sew the opening in the Pain-guin

  3. Body eye eye foot Foot

  4. wing wing nose belly