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Vitamins Supplements Market - Global Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Vitamins Supplements Market - Global Industry

Vitamins Supplements Market - Global Industry

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Vitamins Supplements Market - Global Industry

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  1. Vitamins Supplements Market Persistence Market Research

  2. Global Vitamins Supplements Market • Vitamins supplements are non-drug and non-hormone based nutritional products that can be consumed as powders, pills, liquids or by injection. There are various types of vitamins supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. supplements are broadly classified under multivitamins and individual vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K.Vitamins can be further classified on the basis of their solubility under two categories; ’water soluble vitamins‘(vitamin C and vitamin B) that our bodies do not store, and ‘fat soluble vitamins‘(vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K) that are normally stored in the body.

  3. Depending on the country, vitamins supplements are classed as foods or natural health products. In the US, supplements are classed as a category of food and are subject to regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In some of the countries of Asia Pacific, vitamins supplements under covered under natural health products. • Vitamins supplements provide health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of diseases such as night blindness, beri beri, anemia, dermatitis, depression and pernicious anemia.

  4. Vitamins Supplements Market • Global markets of vitamins supplements in recent years experienced an escalating growth due to rapidly aging population, rising health care cost and growing income levels of middle class. High markup and market skimming practices, lack of regulatory framework to validate health claims, and inadequate investments in food and research sectors in developing countries of Asia Pacific is acting as a challenge for the vitamins supplements industries. Whereas maturing market, and slow pace of regulatory approvals for health claims due to heavily regulated market, are some of the major challenge for the vitamin supplements market in North America and Europe.

  5. Request For Sample Report Here • The increasing use of vitamins supplements in functional foods and beverages in recent years along with developments in the field of sales, through various channel such as mail order catalogs, Internet sites, radio and television, direct sales outlets, network marketing firms that sell directly to the consumer and health professionals who sell supplements from their offices has emerged as a big opportunity for the vitamins supplements market.

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