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Adequate Travel: Find Travel Partner All Around the World PowerPoint Presentation
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Adequate Travel: Find Travel Partner All Around the World

Adequate Travel: Find Travel Partner All Around the World

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Adequate Travel: Find Travel Partner All Around the World

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  1. Adequate Travel App Presents

  2. About Adequate Travel App We created an amazing social travel app where you can engage actively over an online community of travelers. With our app, you can share, like, comment and make new friends from all across the world. Through engagement you can even earn fabulous rewards that turn into future discounts for your next tour booking with us. We’ve also assembled numerous useful more exciting and memorable. We’ve also assembled numerous useful blogs, best deals of hotels, flights and other travel activities altogether in one app to make your journeys more exciting and memorable. We help you in organizing and knowing the destined cities in advance. So ‘let your memory be your travel bag’ and allow us to fill the best travel memories in it.’

  3. What’ New in Adequate Travel App? Earn Free Rewards • Earn bonus points via connecting on our Social Travel Community. • Turn the points into Heavy Discounts and redeem on your next tour booking with us.

  4. Connect with Travellers & Make New Friends Globally • Connect with enthusiastic travellers who share the same love of travelling through our online travel community. • Interact with new friends possessing experienced knowledge about travelling to help you out in planning your dream trips.

  5. Create Trip With Friends • Create customised trips with your favourite destination spots. • Release the trip online to let your online friends join in. • You can share the expenses of these customised trip with your online friends if they agree to travel.

  6. Find Travellers Near You • Don’t get lost in the strange city and find acquainted travellers from the online community via geo location all around the world.

  7. Free Travel Guide • Help yourself with our easy to access free travel guides which informs your about exciting travel destinations all over the world. Engage With Travel Bloggers • You can ask various travel related queries from our experienced travel bloggers through the comment sections provide just below the guides.

  8. Compare & Book Hotels • Compare the prices of Hotels online. • Find the cheapest deals over the top rated hotels through our Adequate Travel App.

  9. Enjoy Your Journeys with Adequate Travel App We take care of every essential assistance ranging from making new travel buddies, interacting with new travellers across the globe, earning rewards through social sharing, booking cheapest flights,hotels, tour packages till providing essential travel guides through our enticing travel blogs. So, Mail Us, Call Us or Just ping us on our website(www. Download: Adequate Travel App We’ll always be there to Help you out!