towards a pacific green growth framework n.
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Towards a Pacific Green Growth Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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Towards a Pacific Green Growth Framework

Towards a Pacific Green Growth Framework

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Towards a Pacific Green Growth Framework

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  1. Towards aPacific Green Growth Framework 2014 PIDF Summit Plenary

  2. 2013 Summit – Key Outcomes A Pacific that asserts a distinctive Pacific model of “green growth in blue economies” that is aligned to sustainable development principles A Pacific that reaffirms the importance of Government leaders undertaking bold, transformative and adaptive leadership. Pacific Leaders that champion Green Growth and Sustainable Developmentby adopting innovative and “outside of the box approaches”, revisiting traditional practicesand improving existing mechanisms.

  3. 2013 Summit – Key Outcomes A Pacific that integrates our spirituality into our development paradigms and models A Pacific that enhances protection of critical ecosystemsthrough the enforcement of legislation, creation of protected areas and creating awareness and promoting advocacy on our role as stewards of this creation Commitment to Action

  4. Commitment areas of the PIDF Leadership Recognition of the role of healthy people Value of the Pacific common and collective Long Term Financing – Support to communities Rigor in implementation of key national and regional commitments Reform of financial system Education and capacity building Sustainable transport Food security Re-energising the Pacific

  5. Where are we going?PIDF mission Enabling green-blue Pacific economies through inclusive strategies, multi-stakeholder governance, and genuine partnerships

  6. Where are we going? Outcome of PIDF work program Regional and national frameworks implementingeffective transformation of unsustainable development practices through the use of innovative tools such as green-blue economy, adaptive leadership, and genuine partnerships for Pacific communities

  7. How? Key focus of PIDF work Inclusive and stewardship leadership Innovative practices and approaches Genuine, equitable and durable partnerships

  8. From a “divided” and imbalanced house … Economic Development (growth) and Inequality Social Development (Inclusivity) Environment (Sustainability)

  9. Towards Our Goals with Our partners United, Distinctive and Sustainable Pacific Society Green-Blue Pacific Economies Economic Development Social Development Environmental protection • Enablers including 10 commitment areas

  10. Convergence and integration Alignment with national mechanisms including planning processes and integration with sectoral strategies Supporting national green growth approaches: Fiji, PNG, Tonga Supporting sub-regional frameworks (e.g. MSG Green Growth Framework) Creating an enabling environment for community participation and private sector leadership

  11. Convergence and integration Providing a platform for coordinated support and alignment Alignment with global processes Engaging CROP agencies, donors, the UN System, INGOs in the green blue Pacific economy Develop a Pacific Green Growth Framework

  12. Recommendations Commit to establishing or strengthening national mechanisms that support the development and implementation of green–blue economies, and that provides a clear link to the work of PIDF. PIDF provides a convergence point for the development of a Pacific Green Growth Framework, supporting national responses and aligning regional support.