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Cement your position in the nation with Times of India PowerPoint Presentation
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Cement your position in the nation with Times of India

Cement your position in the nation with Times of India

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Cement your position in the nation with Times of India

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  1. Cement your position in the nation with Times of India India is one of the fastest growing nations in the world and attracting the world class organizations and companies to the nation. So, how do these upcoming companies establish themselves in the nation? How do they cement their position in the race? Exactly this is where the competition arises among the business firms to cement their place in the race. The business firms go for advertisements and classifieds to improve their standards and to expand their business furthermore. But, Is it that much easy to advertise throughout the nation? I’m sure that it is not an easy task. To be more precise on this issue, it is a hard fact to get published in the leading news edition in the nation by facing the tough competition from the competitors. People approach an edition based on its reliability, the readership, standards, ad rates, and hundred other things. Paradoxically, it is quite hard to get published in a leading edition with simple cost. So, sometimes firms have to compromise on the cost to get the ultimate results. Times of India classifieds is such an edition with the vast readership, reliability and standards. It has been serving the nation since 1838, in a word to say it is a journey of 177 years. It is the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation and largest selling English-language daily in the world. According to the Indian readership Survey, Times of India ad rates is the most widely read English newspaper in India with a readership of 7.643 million, and these amazing numbers made this edition

  2. stand as top English daily in India by readership. Times of India classifieds are always on the top when we talk about classified business in the nation. These stunning statistics of this edition will definitely fulfill the dreams of the customers with quick results. Newly establishing companies are approaching this edition to expand their business within the short time. Because it serves each part of the nation and ultimately announces your voice to the whole country. Times of India ad rates, on the other hand are really unbelievable. Customers will definitely come out of the myth that the leading editions with huge readership will charge the high amount for a single ad. Yes, Times paper is providing an affordable price for the advertisements. What are you waiting for? Grab this wonderful opportunity and cement your position in the race within the short time. Hindustan also called as Hindustan Dainik is the second largest read Hindi daily in the country. It has 19 editions across the Hindi belt including Delhi, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. If we just look at the areas it is serving, it is very clear that the edition is dominating the northern part of India. Customers who are wishing to expand their business in the northern region are preferring Hindustan advertisements because of its huge circulation. It has been serving since 1936 and stood as the one of the best editions in this region. It is a great opportunity to publish their ads in this edition. It is an undeniable fact that Capital region would be the first option for those who are entering into the Indian market. Exclusively, this edition is for them as it is the boss in this region. There are even many success testimonies regarding this. Daily Thanthi, on the other hand, is the leading Tamil daily in the nation. It is the largest Tamil daily and the ninth-largest daily in India by circulation. It prints its editions across 16 top cities in India and interestingly it is also operating now in Dubai with UAE edition. Having the base as Chennai, it is serving Madurai, Coimbatore, Vellore, Trichy, Tirunelveli, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Erode, Thanjavur, Tirupur, Mumbai and other major cities in the nation. This has a strong base in the southern part and in a word to say it is simply dominating the Detroit of India with its massive readership. It is not a surprising thing to say that Daily Thanthi classifieds are producing unbelievable results in this area. If you are searching for a genuine edition to announce your voice in the southern region, Daily Thanthi is for you. Do not hesitate, book your classifieds in this and become a part of the successful testimonies. Book any kind of ad and classified sitting at home by just logging into