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Rotax Aircraft Center

Rotax Aircraft Center. Location. 2005/06: approx. 1.200 employees 187.000 engines € 327 mio. revenues. _01. Rotax Aircraft Engines Business. Rotax Engine Line-up.

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Rotax Aircraft Center

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  1. Rotax Aircraft Center

  2. Location 2005/06: • approx. 1.200 employees • 187.000 engines • € 327 mio. revenues

  3. _01 Rotax Aircraft Engines Business

  4. Rotax Engine Line-up

  5. 2 Rotax 2-stroke engines 642 used in motor glider (twin spark plugs!), certification according to JAR 22 - yearly delivery 10 - 20 pcs. 1973 High orders of snowmobile spare engines Rotax 185, 248, 284, 294 - used in microlite aircrafts 1977 Type certificate for Rotax 912A (81 HP) by JAA 1978 Ultralight engines 501, 505 developed (based on snowmobile engine 503) Belt drives were replaced by cog wheel propeller gear. Delivery of 10.000 2-stroke engines yearly for UL (Rotax type 377, 503, 532LC) 1983 Start of development of Rotax 912 (4-stroke aircraft engine, propeller gear-box, liquid cooled) 1984 1989 Aircraft Engines - A competency • Over 30 years of Competencies build-up - • Over 120,000 Aircraft Engines delivered -

  6. Production Organisation Approval by AAA Type certificate for Rotax 912F (81 HP) by JAA/FAA Type certificate for Rotax 914F (115 HP) by JAA/FAA Type certificate for Rotax 912S (100 HP) by FAA 912 Series’ TBO increased from 1200 hrs to 1500 hrs Design Organisation Approval by JAA 2003 914 Series’ TBO increased from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs 912/914 Series compliant to Light Sport Aircraft Standard 2003 1998 1994 2005 1990 2005 1996 2003 Production Organisation Approval by EASA Aircraft Engines - A competency

  7. Market Structure • Ultralights/Microlights Typical HP Range: 40 HP to 80 HP Most being Single seat Made of: • Powered parachutes • Trike style ultralightes • Kit-built helicopters • Kit-built gyroplanes For most part not certified and not registered.

  8. Market Structure • Factory build aircraft according ASTM standard • Homebuilt Airplane Typical HP Range: 80 HP to 120 HP Single and multi-seats Made of: • Airplanes • Gyroplanes A portion of kits are getting certified by owners

  9. _02 Success of the 912/914 engines

  10. Rotax Aircraft Engines: Shifting to a 4-stroke business

  11. _03 Rotax Quality Systems

  12. DESIGN ORGANISATION APPROVAL: 23.04.2003 Renewal according EASA on 28.09.2004 EASA.21J.048 Europe 109 Companies Austria 4 Companies Enables the development and the holding of type certificates TC´s of certified aircraft engines. All aircraft activities are handled according this requirement.

  13. PRODUCTION ORGANISATION APPROVAL: 28.09.2005 AT.21G.0006 Europe 559 Companies Austria 6 Companies Enables the production of certified aircraft engines and parts for certified aircraft engines. All aircraft parts are handled according this requirement.

  14. Significance for Rotax Quality System DESIGN ORGANISATION: Privileges granted under DOA • BRP-Rotax takes over design responsibility of whole engine and parts • BRP-Rotax takes over certification responsibility, e.g.: certification tests • BRP-Rotax is entitled to approve changes • BRP-Rotax is entitled to approve repairs to product • BRP-Rotax is entitled to issue information or instructions for continued airworthiness PRODUCTION ORGANISATION: • Quality system acc. ISO9001 / EN9100 • Rotax quality system must and does oversee supplier quality performance • Privileges:- production of engines and parts- issuance of FORM1 for engines and parts Under both approvals: • Requirement to monitor continued airworthiness of products in the field (failures, malfunction and defect reporting)

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