the end of time n.
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The End Of Time

The End Of Time

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The End Of Time

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  1. The End Of Time By Tristan

  2. Meddler Laws It is law No meddler may harm another meddler. It is law that no meddler may create another meddler. It is law no child shall be made a meddler.

  3. Meddlers The Neither is the place where meddlers meddle with time and events. Meddlers meddle with things indirectly. The meddlers come in pairs, they are always nemesis’s fighting for one side while the other fights for the other side. One meddler can give someone wealth and love while his nemesis can bring pain, poverty and death to him. Two nemeses’ are Willy Nilly and Well Pell. They have names like these because fate is just a game to them. Meddlers have Green eyes, Can jump far, can run super fast, can see fate and can vanish when nobody is looking at them. When the meddlers enter the neither they can see everybody’s fate,the neither allows also lets them to enter another world such as earth and allows them to go back in time.

  4. The Far Continent Doane is the king of the far content. He calls himself the supremacy of it and it is now called Doan’s content. Doane is also from earth with umber but doane is different and is creating what he fought to stop on earth. He also commands the Vanquisher. Vanquisher is the ship that is loaded with new technology like guns, cannons and artillery. This technology cannot be matched and is extremely deadly.

  5. Creatures Creatures come for meddlers who break the laws of the meddlers. These monsters grow to eight feet tall and are relentless. They say fate assigned them the task to remove them the essence that makes them a meddler. The essence that makes them a meddler are his or hers eyes. The creatures can hold about eight eyes that they take from their prey. They can have a falcon eye that lets them see far. They can have a fish eye that lets them see under water. Once they finally catch a meddler they take his eyes. The meddlers power comes from his eyes. This allows the creature to go into the neither and pursue the meddler. It also lets them see the future how the meddlers do, and allows them to vanish

  6. Creatures

  7. Meddlers

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