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The Philippines

The Philippines

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The Philippines

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  1. Geography Climate People Country’s Emblem The Philippines

  2. Mabuhay and Welcome to the Philippines!!!!! • Philippines is popularly known as “ The Pearl of the Orient Seas”. • The Philippines is located in the Southeastern Asia. • It comprises an archipelago of some 7,107 islands, between the South China Sea on the west and the Philippine Sea on the east.

  3. The Land Boundaries • The Philippines is a country surrounded by water, thus we do not have land boundaries. • Our nearby neighbors are: Taiwan to the North, Malaysia and Indonesia to the South, • Vietnam to the west and China to the northwest.

  4. The Philippine National Flag • It is a horizontal bicolor flag with equal bands or royal blue and scarlet red and with a white equilateral triangle at the hoist. • In the center of the triangle is a golden yellow sun with eight rays.

  5. The Flag’s meaning • The eight rays represents the first group of provinces who raised revolts against the Spain. • The Three stars represents the three main islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao • The white color stands for purity and peace. • The red color stands for

  6. The colors of the Flag • The red color stands for war, patriotism, defense and courage. • The blue color stands for peace, happiness, joy, trust and justice. • The white color stands for purity.

  7. The Country’s Seal

  8. Important Facts about the Philippines

  9. Class Exercise • Write True or False. • 1. The Philippines is an archipelago of 7, 701 islands. • 2. The Philippines have land boundaries. • 3. The Philippines is situated in the Southeastern Asia. 4. Quezon City is the capital city and the largest city in the Philippines.

  10. 5. The Philippines is a country directly facing the Pacific Ocean. • 6. There are distinctly 3 colors in the Philippine Flag. 7. The sun in the flag has 12 rays. 8. The flag has 3 stars which represents the 3 big provinces in the Philippines. 9. Philippines is bigger than Thailand in land area.

  11. Our Country’s Fruits • We almost share exactly the same types of fruits; from mangoes, pineapples, sugar apples, mangosteen, durian, coconut and the likes. • Philippines is second to Thailand as the largest pineapple producer.

  12. The Philippines and its Climate • Because of our geographical location, we’ve got tropical climate with basically two defined seasons: • Wet and dry • June – October is the rainy season brought about by the “southwest monsoon”, • Nov. to May we hardly get rain due to the “trade winds”.

  13. The Philippine Culture • Due to the many countries that invaded and stayed in our country for many years, we possess unique culture from the rest. • Due to the Spanish invasion, Catholicism is dominant in the country with about 90% of its population as Roman Catholics.

  14. Due to our religion and our faith in God, we celebrate Fiestas as our way of celebrating and thanking the Lord God for all the blessings we receive.

  15. Means of Transportation The Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by waters, thus boats are an important means of transportation and living for all.

  16. During Fiestas, we hold novenas for 9 days in the church, and the 9th day is the day of festivities with lots of activities and almost every house prepares food for everyone. • WE are a host to many beautiful and old churches in the world.

  17. The Different Celebrations

  18. Sinulog in Cebu Kadayawa - Davao

  19. Fiesta Carabao Dinagyang Festival

  20. Fiestas Higantes Fiesta Kaamulan

  21. Lansones Festival Maskara Festival

  22. Moriones Festival Panagbenga Festival

  23. Penafrancia Festival Lantern festival-Pampanga

  24. Good Friday Procession

  25. Form of Government

  26. Form of Government • Republic with three (3) equal branches of Government: the executive, legislative and judiciary. • Chief Executive and Head of Government is the President • Cabinet members constitute the executive branch

  27. Amazing Facts about the Philippines • 1. Dr. Jose Rizal the country’s national hero can read and write at the age of two(2). • He grew up speaking 20 different languages; including French, Greek, Chinese, Latin, English, Spanish and German

  28. 2. There are 10 Million Filipinos living abroad either as immigrants or Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). • Overseas Filipinos contributes 10% annually of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

  29. 3.) 26. 5% of the country’s total population is still living below the poverty line. • 4.) The KARAOKE which is a Japanese word meaning: “singing without accompaniment” • Is a Filipino invention.

  30. 5. The Filipino flag is the only flag in the world that can be displayed upside-down during war. • 6. The Philippines has been considered the “text capital of the world”. We send more than 400 million texts everyday • China = 1.6 billion texts with 500M cell phones • Ave. texts sent per day (3) • Phils. = 500 M text with 50 M cell phone users. • Ave. texts sent per day (20)

  31. The rarest and the most expensive seashell “Conus Gloriamaris” is found in the Philippines. • Worldwide there are about 500 species of corals, 48 of which are found in the Philippines.

  32. 10 must visit places in the Philippines Underground Cave in Palawan The Historic Town of Vigan in Ilocos

  33. The baroque church