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  1. Piccolo Cortney Hagans

  2. What is The Full Name of your Instrument?? Piccolo

  3. Are there any other names for your instrument maybe in a different language or in a different culture? • French: flûte piccolo;petite flûte • German: Pikkoloflöte; Piccolo; kleine Flöte • Italian: ottavino;flauto piccolo • Russian: pikkolo; malaia fleita;fleita pikkolo • Spanish: flautín; ottavino

  4. What family of instruments does it belong to? • The piccolo belongs to the flute family. • Bass, alto, tenor, flute D’amor, C flute, etc.

  5. Which section of the band does it belong to? Woodwind, Brass, Percussion? • The piccolo belongs to the woodwind section of the band. • Which includes clarinets, flutes (their cousins), saxaphones….

  6. When was your instrument first invented/discovered/used? • The Piccolo was invented by Theobald Boehm in the 19th century after the flute was invented in 1832. • The Piccolo’s use continued into the 20th century.

  7. Pictures of very, very old versions of my instrument

  8. When was the modern form of your instrument discovered or invented? • Piccolo players continued to play the one-key instrument throughout the 19th century, but undoubtedly the most popular instrument of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century was the piccolo with six keys.

  9. Who is credited for inventing the modern version of your instrument • Theobald Boehm, is credited for the modern day Piccolo. • Born: April 9, 1794 • Died: November 25, 1881

  10. Famous people who play the Piccolo.. Barbara Morgan Amy Porter James Galway India Arie

  11. Important works of music that were composed specifically for the Piccolo • “ March to the River Weser”, Gordon Jacob • Top ‘O the Evening: An Irish Suite, Laurence Trott • Mountain Air, Steven Tung and Victor Wong

  12. What made you choose to play this instrument? • I chose to play the flute because it had a very sweet sound to it.

  13. Why is your instrument the most awesome in the band? • The flute and the piccolo tops all instruments in band. The Flute and the piccolo have a great sound for a solo or even for the melody of a piece of music. It’s a controlling instrument. Its hard for these instruments to be heard at times so the rest of the band has to play softer so we can step up and take the show!!!

  14. Piccolos come in many colors

  15. Piccolo has been around for 200 yrs. Has no low C# and C keys and can only play down to a D natural. 12.5 inches in length. It is one octave higher than the flute The smallest instrument in the orchestra. Fun Facts

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