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Selective Pallet Racking PowerPoint Presentation
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Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking

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Selective Pallet Racking

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  1. Spacerack Storage Centre (Australia) Pty. Ltd.A.C.N. 107165257Distributors of Spacerack Storage Systems Selective Pallet Racking The principle behind all racking systems is to maximise the use of cubic capacity within a storage area.

  2. SPACERACK products are designed and manufactured to exceed the following Australian standards:• AS4084 - Steel Storage Racking• AS1538 - Cold-formed Steel Structures Code• AS1250 - Steel Structures Code AS1170 – Structural Design Actions AS1657 – Fixed PlatformsInternationally, SPACERACK can also meet the high standards of:• Rack Manufactures Institute (USA)• SEMA Code (United Kingdom)• Federation Européenne de la • Manutention (FEM)The success of any storage or pallet racking system lies in the full understanding of the business and its storage/retrieval problems, then translating that into a design that meets the customers needs and maximises use of available storage and space.With a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) facility, Spacerack ensures a speedy and accurate illustration of the proposed system layout and controlled manufacturing conditions deliver engineering excellence without compromise. There are many conditions to consider when designing your storage systems – Height limitations of the building. Lifting equipment & weights involved. Type and size of pallets or packaging. Inventory control & speed of operation. And many other aspects which mean the difference between an efficient and economical operation on one hand, or a costly drain on profits on the other.

  3. Standard Selective Racking Sizes This table shows the full length of racks from 1 to 20 bays in both 2600mm & 2750mm Clear Entry bays. The half bays are calculated using a single pallet beam of 1380mm. Standard Sizes of beams kept in stock are: 1380mm x 100mm x 50mm x 2.0mm (SWL 4551kg) 1380mm x 75mm 50mm x 2.0mm (SWL 3004kg) 2600mm x 100mm x 50mm x 2.0mm (SWL 2387kg) 2600mm x 75mm x 50mm x 2.0mm (SWL 1175kg) 2750mm x 100mm x 50mm x 2.0mm (SWL 2130kg) 2750mm x 75mm x 50mm x 2.0mm (SWL 1047kg) Many other sizes available on lead times of approx. 10 working days

  4. Components 1. RHS Beam Section. 2. Std. Post(88mm) & 3mm Foot plate. 3. Std. Post & 5mm Bracket Foot plate. 4. BFS Post (118mm) 5. Column Guard – Corner post. 6. Column Guard – Angle type. 7. Column Guard – ‘Protect-it’ type. 8. End Barrier. 9. Particleboard Support. 10. Fork Clearance Bars. 11. Upright rack Dividers. 12. Mesh Decks. 13. Safe Working Load Sign. 14. Drive In Load Sign. 15. AirSpace Load Sign.

  5. AirSpace Platforms Formally known as Raised Storage Areas, these platforms can be designed & built using either Selective Racking or Longspan Shelving as the base structure. As the platform is free standing (as apposed to Mezzanine floors where the structure is fixed to the walls) the need for Council approval is negated. Airspace platforms can be built over existing racking or shelving to maximize the cubic space available. All Spacerack AirSpace platforms conform with the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Fixed Platforms AS/NZS 1657-1992 & Structural Design Actions – General Principles AS/NZS 1170.0-2002 & Structural Design Actions – Permanent, imposed & other actions AS/NZS 1170.1-2002. Designs can be either be open plan or shelving underneath, can be built over existing structures such as office/toilet blocks, can be an open space or have more Shelving/Racking on the platform floor. Platforms can incorporate specially designed Stairs, Ramps, Access gates together with Handrailing & Kickboards. Floors can be built using Plywood or Particleboard Tongue & Groove flooring fixed to Steel Purlins or Bar Grating. Large spans between uprights are accommodated up to 6.00 metres. Floor heights can range from 2.00 to 5.00 metres. Floor Ratings can range from 300kg/m2 to 1000kg/m2 using timber flooring and above 1000kg/m2 using Bar Grating. A great way to increase your Storage area without moving premises. Minimal disruption to your business during installation makes this the inexpensive & easy way to double your floor space.

  6. Our Services Free Measure & Quotation We offer a free measure & quotation service, from one bay to a full warehouse. Our Sales team will make an appointment to visit your work site to measure & assess your requirements, to best utilize the space available and to help you make the right decision about the configuration & design of your storage systems. Installation All our Selective Racking installations comply with the Australian Standard AS 4084 – 1993. All relevant safety procedures are observed whilst installing. Safety Audits Keeping your Spacerack installation in good working condition is essential for safe operation & a long life. A Safety audit is a good way to keep your racking safe & complying with Australian Standards. A qualified Engineer can be booked to visit your work site to inspect, compile a report & make recommendations to improve/repair your racking. On completion of repairs/alterations a compliance certificate is issued. Relocate, Reconfigure or Upgrade Business can change. So can your storage requirements. We can offer to help you relocate to a new premises, redesign & reconfigure to suit your changing needs or upgrade your existing racking. Safety Products Protect your investment with our Safety products. Preventing accidents is a very difficult task. So to ensure safety in the work place why not consider protecting your racking from forklift & pallet impact damage with our range of protection devices. 865 Princes Highway, Springvale, Vic. 3171Telephone: (03) 9574 2777 Fax: (03) 9574 6088Email: