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Factors - Leading to develop varicose vein!

Factors - Leading to develop varicose vein!<br>

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Factors - Leading to develop varicose vein!

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  1. Factors – Leading to develop varicose vein! These days many people are suffering from Spider vein or the varicose vein and they are also looking for the best treatment for varicose veins. Laser surgery which is the spider vein therapy sends much strong bursts of the laser light in to vein. It may makes vein to fade slowly and eventually make them disappear. Such treatment is much more popular as it never use needles and incisions but the varicose veins symptomsshould never be ignore or else it may also lead to leg ulcers. This disease may also causes of leg swellingand the Laser treatments for treating this would last for about 15-20 minutes. According to the severity of veins, 2-5 treatments are usually required to remove the spider veins in leg which else may cause leg cramps. Patients may also simply return to their normal activity just after treatment of sclerotherapy. For the enlarged spider veins which is more than 3 mm, the therapy of laser treatment is not much practical. There are also some sclerotherapy side effectsas well as Possible side effects about the laser surgery which include: redness and even swelling of skin subsequent to the treatment; discolored skin which might even disappear occasionally in just a time of 1-2 months. Also, burns as well as scars are also the result from badly performed laser surgery. There are different kind of the Varicose Vein Creams or the foam sclerotherapywhere some of the creams may also reduce appearance of the spider and varicose veins. Factors that might increase the likelihood to develop the varicose or the spider veins which may include: Increase in the Age:Having the family members suffering from vein problems or also being born having weak valves of vein. Changes in Hormone: They occur during pregnancy, menopause, puberty as well as taking birth control pills along with different kind of medicines that contains estrogen as

  2. well as progesterone. During the period of pregnancy there is some great increase in amount of the blood in your body. It may cause the veins to expand. Also, Obesity, prolonged standing as well as leg injury as well as other different things which weaken the vein valves. With the help of the sun exposure, that may cause the spider veins on nose and cheeks of the people with fair-skinned. The symptoms of Varicose Vein mainly include: aching pain with the easily tired legs; even the heaviness in the leg; swelling in legs; also the darkening of skin (in acute cases); also the numbness in legs; as well as itching or getting the irritated rash in your legs, these are some of the symptoms which the patient might observe, and he should immediately consult the doctor. Moreover, the spider veins do not actually require any kind of the medical treatment. On the other hand the varicose veins generally enlarge as well as they get worsen over the passing of the time. The Severe varicose veins may also lead to different health problems as well.

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