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johnson creek covered bridge n.
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Johnson Creek Covered Bridge PowerPoint Presentation
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Johnson Creek Covered Bridge

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Johnson Creek Covered Bridge
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Johnson Creek Covered Bridge

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  1. Johnson Creek Covered Bridge DRAFT 2/26/08

  2. Construction Statistics Review & Update In service since May 1, 2005 2386 projects “active” in system 640 finals paid in 2007 for $4,137,168 935 Change Orders approved in 2007 Progress Estimates for payments in 2007 of $1,054,764,758 1614 subcontract approved in 2007 DRAFT 2/26/08

  3. SiteManager DWR • Summary of DWR Quantities on website updated bi-weekly with pay estimates. This can also be created within SiteManager and send from RE office The CSV File can be loaded into Excel for summary information and assisting in checking final. In Excel, it can filter on each Pay Item to check for weigh sheets, etc. DRAFT 2/26/08

  4. Pending Pay Estimates Links • ARCHIVED: • Current: DRAFT 2/26/08

  5. Approved Pay Estimates Links • ARCHIVED: • Current: • DRAFT 2/26/08

  6. Approved Pay Estimates Links • Check & EFT numbers DRAFT 2/26/08

  7. Question • What can be done to provide a better pay plane for subcontractors for work done? • Pay estimates & DWR csv on web. Our contract is with prime. DRAFT 2/26/08

  8. Question • BETTER PLAN TO ADDRESS A QUICKER TURN AROUND TIME ON RECEIVING PAYMENTS FOR WORK PERFORMED. • State Highway Engineer Gilbert Newman addressed change order issue. Residents with their inspectors keep track of work items. Need to coordinate with RE if you feel you have completed work not on pay estimate DRAFT 2/26/08

  9. SiteManagerChange Orders • During SiteManager Review, Resident Engineer should forward by e-mail a copy of change order to Contractor before sending for signature. • This will allow them to check supplemental prices included in the change order. DRAFT 2/26/08

  10. Change Order Signature Report • Resident Engineer is to sign the change order on requested by line and mail, deliver or fax to contractor for signature and further submittal to State Highway Engineer’s Office. • Contractor is to send change order with original signature (no fax or copy) to: State Highway Engineer’s Office 6th Floor TCOB 200 Mero Street Frankfort, KY 40622 DRAFT 2/26/08

  11. Change Order Signature Report • DSHE for Project Delivery forwards to State Highway Engineer for signature & approval • If approved, Change order then sent to account for uploading program funding. • After funding finally secured the Change Order is put in APRV status and payment can be made on items. Approved Change order copies then mailed out. DRAFT 2/26/08

  12. Payment for Change Order Items • After Change Order has been put in APRV status, payment can be made on items included in the change order. They are now part of the contract. 2008 Standard Bid Item List Project let after 1/1/08 DRAFT 2/26/08

  13. Question • PLEASE ADDRESS THE LENGTH OF TIME THAT IT TAKES TO GET A CHANGE ORDER PROCESSED. EXAMPLE-WORK DONE IN SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER ON CHANGE ORDER STILL NOT PROCESSED. • State Highway Engineer Gilbert Newman addressed this issue. Residents will keep current one Change Order submittals. DRAFT 2/26/08

  14. DBE payment information • Required to pay within 7 days of receipt of payment from KYTC. We pay every two weeks! • Submit copy of check with Contract ID reference to: Office of Civil Rights & Small Business Development % DBE Payments 6th Floor West TCOB 200 Mero Street Frankfort, KY 40601 DRAFT 2/26/08

  15. Potential Final Estimates • 143 Contracts needing Corrective Work Completed to get Formal Acceptance DRAFT 2/26/08

  16. Final Estimates • Project Engineer will send copy when finished checking. Please let them know of any problems. They will forward to district in 15 days after sending to contractor, so let them know if you have a problem with quantities! • When Final Release sent from Central Office, Contractor has 60 days to respond. If any errors or disagreements be sure to send notice to both Director of Construction Central Office and District Construction. • Signing and sending Final Release as soon as possible speeds up final payment!!! DRAFT 2/26/08

  17. Question • What should a Contractor do to get a job closed out after 5 years? • Contact TEBM for Construction & Director of Construction. We are trying to get current on our Finals! DRAFT 2/26/08

  18. Pre-Qualified Contact Link • • Provide the Resident Engineer an e-mail at Pre-Construction meeting for submitting Change Orders and Pay Estimates. Poor sign placement & erection (not a Road Construction Project!!) DRAFT 2/26/08

  19. Robert C. Lewis, PE Assistant State Highway Engineer 200 Mero Street W6-17-02 Frankfort, KY 40622 E-mail Cell 502-330-3470 Office 502-564-3730 ext 3084 DRAFT 2/26/08