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Multimedia Presentation Assignment PowerPoint Presentation
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Multimedia Presentation Assignment

Multimedia Presentation Assignment

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Multimedia Presentation Assignment

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  1. Multimedia Presentation Assignment Disclaimer: This is NOT a multimedia presentation. It is just an overview of your assignment. mluhtala2012

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  4. The battle over multimedia presentations: Tufte, Edward. "PowerPoint Is Evil: Power Corrupts. PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely." Wired 11.09 (2003): n. pag. Wired, Sept. 2003. Web. 13 Jan. 2013. <>. Norman, Don. "In Defense of PowerPoint." Web log post. Don Norman: Designing for People. Nielsen/Norman Group, 2005. Web. 13 Jan. 2013. <>. mluhtala2012

  5. Background Congratulations! You have just been assigned the role of student teacher! Having just examined the Multimedia Presentations, Online Multimedia Search Skills, and Finding Credible Sources Online articles on the Digital Literacy database, you are now going to teach one element of developing a multimedia presentation to the rest of the class. mluhtala2012

  6. Task Your group of 3–6 students will collaborate to research and present a five-minute presentation that responds to the question your group was assigned (see Reading Assignments spreadsheet with the checked sections for each group). mluhtala2012

  7. Each group is assigned 7–9 sections from Digital Literacy database articles. mluhtala2012

  8. Each group is assigned 7–9 sections from Digital Literacy database articles. mluhtala2012

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  10. Audience Your teacher and classmates will be your audience. They will use the attached rubric to evaluate your work. Your group members will also evaluate your individual contribution to your group’s collaborative effort. mluhtala2012

  11. Purpose The objective of this assignment is to have students teach students strategies for creating effective multimedia presentations. mluhtala2012

  12. Procedure #1 Meet with your group members. • Assign reading responsibilities. • Who will read which of the 7–8 assigned chapters? • Review note-taking procedures for readings. • How will you access your group-mates’ notes? • What are the guidelines for contribution? • Agree to a deadline for readings and notes. • Establish a timeline for your work. • Starting backwards from your presentation deadline, plan and agree upon your group’s workflow (five group meetings are recommended). • Review the established meeting time for next group meeting. mluhtala2012

  13. Procedure #2 Work independently on reading and note-taking. mluhtala2012

  14. Procedure #3 Meet with your group members and decide what, from your collective pool of notes, will best answer your group’s assigned question. • Create the presentation outline. • Decide which audio and visual materials will best support your lesson’s objective, and how they should be sequenced. Include this information in the outline. • Decide how this outline, and related multimedia files will remain available and editable by all group members. • Establish a deadline for writing and the content and collecting multimedia resources. • Agree to a deadline for readings and notes, and allocate responsibilities for each group member. • Review the established meeting time for next group meeting. mluhtala2012

  15. Procedure #4 Work independently to meet your responsibilities in a timely manner. • Collect the required multimedia resources, and add them to a shared collaborative file so that all members can access them. • Write out the content for each slide you have been assigned to work on. mluhtala2012

  16. Procedure #5 Meet for a third time. • Organize the group’s written content and multimedia files into a presentation, following the sequence prescribed in the outline. • Using your multimedia presentation rubric, evaluate the presentation, and edit accordingly, paying close attention to content, organization, audience, and media. • Allocate responsibilities for presentation: Who will say what? • Agree to independent rehearsal expectations and schedule two group rehearsals. mluhtala2012

  17. Procedure #s 6 & 7 Rehearse independently as agreed to. Meet for two scheduled rehearsals. mluhtala2012

  18. Procedure #8 Final preparations: • Make sure all the multimedia in your completed presentation runs properly. • Upload the presentation to the computer you will use to deliver it at least three days before your scheduled presentation. • Make the shared multimedia file available from the same computer you will use to deliver the presentation. mluhtala2012

  19. Procedure #s 9 & 10 Deliver your presentation to the class with your group members. Evaluate your group members’ collaborative efforts. (Use rubric below) mluhtala2012

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  25. What have you learned about multimedia presentations?What do you still need to learn? mluhtala2012