furnace repair with this basic do it yourself n.
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Furnace Repair With This Basic Do-It-Yourself PowerPoint Presentation
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Furnace Repair With This Basic Do-It-Yourself

Furnace Repair With This Basic Do-It-Yourself

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Furnace Repair With This Basic Do-It-Yourself

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  1. Furnace Repair With This Basic Do-It-Yourself

  2. The fall season is about to start. One of the important things you need to check before the first night of the fall season is your heating Ottawa. While fixing a broken furnace can be a bit costly, you can avoid paying for high priced emergency repair furnace service Ottawa if you can be able to find and determine even the common and minor furnace problems before the summer ends. Most of these problems can usually be repaired with your knowledge and will require your experience if you only know some basic ways to fix it. Save your money and keep your family warm during cold nights with these basic pointers.

  3. Thermostat Check The first thing you should do is to run a thermostat check. To do so, follow these steps: Keep the thermostat setting on "heat". Check if the temperature of the room where the thermostat is situated is a bit cooler than the temperature setting of the thermostat. If your thermostat is programmable, check if it is running smoothly and is set to correct date and time. If it is run with a battery, check if the battery is still working well and if it shows an indication of low battery condition. High-Efficiency Furnace The high-efficiency furnace will bring in the air from the outside which contains moisture. Check if the drain line is open. The drain line is usually the clear tube that you can find nearby the bottom part of the furnace and just below the humidifier or air conditioner drains.

  4. Switches Check Check if all switches including the breakers, interlock switches, and fuses of your furnace are turned on. You can find the breakers and fuses at the electrical service panel while the main on and off switch can be consulted on the furnace itself. If everything looks well, then you don't have to worry. However, if something seems irregular, you may run a quick furnace repair. Check the interlock switch of the blower compartment door. Check if the door is still in the right position. Also, verify if the blower shuts off if you remove the door. You can find the blower compartment at the bottom-most portion of your Ottawa furnaces.

  5. Filters Check Clean the filters before using your furnace because if you fail to remove the dirt, your furnace may overheat and shut off by itself. Check your manufacturer's manual to know the type and model of the filters used on your furnace and to know how to maintain it properly.