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Two Smart Tips for Painting Your House PowerPoint Presentation
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Two Smart Tips for Painting Your House

Two Smart Tips for Painting Your House

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Two Smart Tips for Painting Your House

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  1.  Exterior paint is the first thing that people notice about your home. Exterior paint makes a strong visual impact and reflects the identity of your home.  A supreme exterior paint enriches personality of the house and also of its residents while a shoddy exterior paint demeans the value of the house.  An effective exterior paint adds to the beauty of your residence and also works as a shield against ill-effects of weather such as rain, heat and snow. Therefore, it is imperative to coat your home with a solid and attractive paint.

  2. Although good exterior paints last long, a frequent revamp is necessary every now and then to prevent major troubles in the future. Small yet significant issues such as cracks and blisters in paint or peel off must be amended promptly as they have potential of causing severe hassles with time. You can place the onus on yourself and paint your house by your own or seek professional help from a pro if you feel things are too hot to handle for you.  Either way, getting your home painted isn’t as simple as it may sound. Sometimes there is more work in exterior home painting than meets the eye.

  3. To make exterior home painting less tedious, we take you through proven and result driven professional tips that will enrich quality and looks of your exterior home paint. C Ch ho oosing Exterior home paints come in two types- oil-based alkyd and water-based latex. Oil-based alkyd paints are favorites among professional painters as they have a swift flow, are stain resistant, and require lesser brush marks for drying. For cleanup process they need mineral spirits (paint thinner). Comparatively, Alkyd paints have better durability but they also have solid solvent odor and require more time to dry. osing the the p pa ai int! nt!

  4. Latex paints are simpler to use and apply as they clean up with soap and water and dry quickly. Their smell isn’t strong too. They have fewer chances of developing cracks curtesy of their longer flexibility. Both paint types have their own pros and cons. You can choose either of them based on your preferences as there is very little that separates their quality.

  5. T Th he e P Pr ri ice ce f fa actor Paints are available in various types and variants. The price of home exterior paint depends on its pigment content, brand and durability. The general rule is, more the pigments in paint, the higher the price as pigment affects durability, thickness and strength of the paint. On most occasions price indicates the quality. So, don’t be afraid to shell out few more dollars while buying paint as exterior home painting is an investment towards home maintenance. The best way to go forward is to decide on a budget and indulge in some market research before buying paints. ctor

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