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Accounting and Tax - Smsf, Home Loan Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Accounting and Tax - Smsf, Home Loan Services

Accounting and Tax - Smsf, Home Loan Services

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Accounting and Tax - Smsf, Home Loan Services

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  1. Accounting and Tax • CPA Services • Home Loan Services • Tax Agent Services • Smsf Auditing Services • Bookkeeping Services

  2. Documentations and then filing the tax returns are the exercises essentially need to be done by individuals or business groups in Australia. Though, in Australia, the duration of a financial year starts from 1st of July and it ends on 30th June, people get an extension of four months to comfortably file their tax returns through the tax agent services. Almost 80 percent persons in Australia avail the services of tax agencies as the complexities of tax system in this country can only be understood by experienced and qualified professionals.

  3. Tax agent services file company tax returns as well as personal tax returns. Company tax return is for any business group while personal tax return is lodged for any individual. Tax agent services in Australia are available to assist the tax preparations of trusts, sole traders and business partners. A tax return of any trust must have the mention of its income and all the expenses and deductions. Someone who is availing any sort of benefits from any trust must allow the authority knowing about it.

  4. Home loan services are provided to customers when they wish to perform renovation, extension and construction works for their owned houses and plots. Apart from self construction, housing loan facilities are also offered by various financial organizations (government and non-government as well) to purchase fully furnished flats, houses, buying plots and under constructed premises. Loan services for housing facilities are provided with a competitive interest rate, if there is no special scheme of 0% interest rate for borrowers.

  5. Contact Us: 9 Power Street, Southbank VIC 3006 Australia Telephone:0423 274 777