metaphysical poetry n.
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Metaphysical Poetry

Metaphysical Poetry

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Metaphysical Poetry

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  1. Metaphysical Poetry By: Margery U. Nathaniel F. Rigel A. Maria S.

  2. Metaphysical Poetry - Mostly Seventh Century English - Early Renaissance ideas about Romantic Poetry - Famous for it's difficulty and obscurity. (wording , language) - Often deliberate harness or rigidly of expression - Famous poet is John Donne (Love or Region)

  3. Look for: - Irony and Paradox -Stylistic maneuvers Huge shifts in scale pro-life -Deep Philosophical issues.

  4. Andrew Marvel - March 31,1621- August 16,1678 -Politician who sat in the house of -Commons (1659-1678) -The Garden, The Mower’s song and Country House Poem. -1st poem was Latin and Greek One of the greatest poets (Seventh Century)

  5. George Herbert -Throughout his life, he wrote religious poems characterized by a precision of language, a metrical versatility, and an ingenious use of imagery or conceits that was favored by themetaphysical school of poets. -Herbert himself, in a letter toNicholas Ferrar, said of his writings, "they are a picture of spiritual conflicts between God and my soul before I could subject my will to Jesus, my Master"

  6. John Donne -he was born in London in 1572 - he inherited money that he used for womanizing, books, at the theater, and on travels -he got secretly married to Anne Moore, 17 years old in 1601 -Anne Donne died on August 15, 1617; age thirty-three, after giving birth to their twelfth child -he continued to write poetry but I wasn't about love anymore

  7. AP Style Writing Prompts • John Donne – Women Constancy • According to Grierson’s defines metaphysical poetry as "Poetry inspired by a philosophical concept of the universe and the role assigned to human spirit in the great drama of existence". Discuss what part of the poem shows this concept. • George Herbert – Easter Wings • Herbert uses shape poem to make many different levels and meanings. What is the poet’s desire according to the poem? • Andrew Marvell – Garden • “The Garden” concludes that nature is altogether preferable to and more beautiful than women. Based on your understanding of the poem, how Marvell represents nature itself as a woman.

  8. Helpful links

  9. Interactive Poetry • Write a short poem about • Relationship separated by death/distance/other circumstances • Or circumstances faced by relationships

  10. Quiz :) 1. What kind of poems did George Herbert wrote? A. Love poem B. Religious Poem C. Awesome Poem D. Haiku Poem 2. What is the structure of the poem Easter Wings by George Herbert? A. Sonnet B. Free Verse C. Concrete D. Haiku

  11. 3.The poem is called Easter Wings by George Herbert because? a. Easter is a time of cleaning . b. Easter is in spring and springtime is a time of renewal. c. Wings are symbolic of heavenly beings. d. Easter commemorates Christ dying for our sins and Herbert feels Easter gives him wings and the ability to be saved and go to Heaven. 4. Why did Donne stop writing love poem? a. wife died b. didn't what to write no more c. no inspiration d. just cause

  12. 5. Where did John Donne spent the money inherit from his family? a. Books, womanizing and traveling b. school c. church d. his own store. 6. What century is metaphysical a.16 b.17 c.18 d.19

  13. 7. Andrew Marvell is not just a poet he is a ______? a. doctor b. politician c. scientist d. astronut 8. What do you look for to find out if the poem is a metaphysical poem. a. irony and paradox b. paradox only c. irony only d. none