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Twitter Pinterest Dropbox eTwinning PowerPoint Presentation
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Twitter Pinterest Dropbox eTwinning

Twitter Pinterest Dropbox eTwinning

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Twitter Pinterest Dropbox eTwinning

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  1. Using social media to good effect. Creating a PLN Twitter Pinterest Dropbox eTwinning

  2. Social networks’ checkpoint!

  3. Twitter Twitter is an on-line messaging service that allows you to send texts, pictures, & links to websites. You can either Direct Message (DM) someone if you want to communicate privately or message including hashtags #, so that others can follow, and perhaps contribute.

  4. Twitter You can use special apps available for ios or android to manage your Twitter account. I use Tweetbot which lets me create lists that I follow. #MFLTwitterati #spanishteachers #langchat

  5. Twitter

  6. Twitter You can follow other people as well as groups. You can ‘favourite’ other people’s tweets, sharing them with your followers. You can email/forward tweets to yourself too.

  7. Twitter You could create a departmental twitter account or one for individual languages!

  8. Twitter tutorial

  9. The MFL Twitterati& DropBox DropBox allows you to access files on-line that you, or others you have shared folders with, have uploaded. The MFL TwitteratiDropboxes are by invitation only – email me - and I’ll invite you! There is a German equivalent. Dropbox tutorial:

  10. Pinterest is an on-line webpage which allows you to ‘pin’ onto boards your favourite websites. You can have shared boards with other people. You can follow other people’s boards too.

  11. Pinterest The more you use it the more it gets an idea of your interests and will feed you pins that you might want to see! Pinterest tutorials:

  12. A website to connect schools across Europe Part of Comenius

  13. 32 European Countries • 25 languages • 160,000+ teachers • 5000+ active projects

  14. Why use eTwinning? • To share and Showcase your work • Having a real audience is motivating • It’s a safe virtual learning environment

  15. Public Pages:provide project ideas and resources The Desktop: has your personal profile, a partner-finding tool, & project registration The Twinspace: Is your project’s own virtual classroom with communication tools and a place to share your work for your project

  16. What do you want to use eTwinning for? • Do you want: • Another teacher to talk to? • A project to motivate a class? • To add an international dimension to your lesson? • Some free CPD? • Free resources? • A way to make you stand out in an interview as you explain all about winning an international award for your innovative use of ICT

  17. Levels 1-3

  18. Levels 3-8!

  19. This presentation and some additional tutorials/help sheets can be found @